O Order, where art thou?

Shopping online is all fun and games until the order is placed and the nervous wait for the package begins. We know this because every week our customer support answers hundreds of queries on how to track orders. If you too have recently placed an order and are wondering about its whereabouts then keep reading. Here [...]

Flat 40% OFF on Fashion Jewellery. No kidding!

First of April is an interesting date on our calendars for several reasons. It marks the beginning of the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar Half the globe starts its financials afresh on this date, and Paranoia levels blast through the roof, thanks to the hoax-enthusiasts At HomeShop18, we have decided to celebrate this day [...]

It’s a keeper! – The world of mini-storage

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy small things in life without the fear of losing them? Almost every day, we dedicate at least a good half hour to searching for things. Tiny and elusive things like car keys, ear studs, food coupons, fallen shirt buttons and what not! Generally, the first instinct is to put [...]

Making homes happier – now with your support!

It’s the small joys in life that make the life worth living. Think about the last time you had ordered your induction stove and the excitement you might have felt until the product reached you. Or, of the time when you smiled ear-to-ear because the wristwatch for your friend had arrived just in time for [...]

Micromax Canvas XL exclusively on HomeShop18

Mobiles phones market is swarming with new phones. At least one phone is introduced every third day, either as a series upgrade or as completely new model with unprecedented features. In such a scenario, while most of them are forgotten some standout for being special and this blog entry today is dedicated to one such [...]

Happy Birthday to Us!

We were excited for most part of this week as anyone would be just before their birthday. Yes! We said it; we turned three on 18th January. To celebrate this special occasion the entire HomeShop18 team assembled at Olde Bangalore Resort for a day of fun, games and merry-making. The day began on a sombre [...]

Launching Today’s Special Offer (TSO)

HomeShop18 has always strived to offer innovative and exciting products to our customers at affordable prices. Our staff works round-the-clock in order to offer best-in-class shopping experience with detailed product demonstration to customers who shop with us on TV, Web, and Mobile. We are happy to kick off the new year with a brand new [...]

The Great Online Shopping Festival is back!

December is that time of the year when merry and cheer follow you around like the wonderland’s pixies. Wait another couple of days and you would have yet another reason to celebrate because the Great Online Shopping Festival is back to rock your shopping carts with enormous discounts from 11th to 13th December 2013! The [...]

Four Festive Styles

Festivals...they always seem to be just around the corner! As the season of joy and celebration kick starts this year, everyone wants to look their best. To get you all ready for the festivities ahead, here’s a bunch of fashion ideas put together to suit each occasion. From Diwali and weddings to cocktail and card [...]

Get in Touch with Peace

In this non-Gandhian era, peace has become a much sought-after luxury which is privileged to a few. As the nation readies itself to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, let’s spend some time to reflect on the values taught by him and apply it in today’s context. While we cannot put into practice all [...]