This monsoon, embrace the rains in confidence, style and joy. No matter how overcast the heavy, grey clouds look, let your day be filled with joie de vivre as you can rake in the best products from HomeShop18 that’s having the biggest Monsoon sale in India. HomeShop18’s incredible Monsoon Sale is a pitter-patter of some [...]

The 3-in-1 Spice Smart Pulse is here!

Serving as a source of inspiration for the progressive and the tech-savvy, the Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 is without a doubt, the next best thing. With awe-inspiring features and a compact, modernistic design, we at HomeShop18, are more than happy to introduce the Spice Smart Pulse M-9010. The Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 is unrivalled in [...]

Launching Notifications

The myth about "Average Customer" where one size fits all is evaporating. In a landscape where every customer has different preferences and shopping habits, we have always striven to reach out to the right HomeShoppers with the right  products and at the right  time. To further our efforts more meaningfully, we are glad to launch HomeShop18 Notifications – our [...]

Celebrate the World Cup with HomeShop18!

The World Cup is back and we can bet on our lives that you have not slept very well in the past fortnight! Neither have we! In fact, we believe that during the world cup, being a nervous wreck and a sleep-deprived zombie is totally acceptable. The legend of football is complicated. It is the [...]

Google invites HomeShop18 for Google Play App Indexing

Since day one, we have tried to make shopping a smooth affair for you. In the process, we started our call centre, launched a website and a mobile app. On each of these platforms, we try to maintain a seamless flow of communication through which you stay updated with our ever-growing catalogue and new offers. [...]

It’s raining cats and happiness!

By now, you must have seen fleeting glimpses of mysterious paws and bushy tails here and there. Well, this right here is the curtain raiser. We are extremely thrilled to present to you our first-ever brand mascots, Billy and Sunny. In line with our mantra “Shopping Makes Me Happy”, our latest 360ᵒ media campaign rides [...]

The Buck Stops Here

Contributed by: Ashutosh Garg “I want to be my own boss” is a thought that has definitely crossed the minds of most corporate managers at some time in their careers. This thought had often crossed my mind as well. It was in 2003 when I was 46 years old that I took the decision of [...]

Introducing Thursday Thunder

Say goodbye to mid-week fatigue and indulge in some retail therapy. HomeShop18 brings to you Thursday Thunder – a unique weekly sale wherein you can shop for kitchen and dining products. And all this at an extra discount of 30%, apart from the regular offers and discounts. Tempting, isn't it? We have handpicked best selling [...]

O Order, where art thou?

Shopping online is all fun and games until the order is placed and the nervous wait for the package begins. We know this because every week our customer support answers hundreds of queries on how to track orders. If you too have recently placed an order and are wondering about its whereabouts then keep reading. Here [...]

Flat 40% OFF on Fashion Jewellery. No kidding!

First of April is an interesting date on our calendars for several reasons. It marks the beginning of the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar Half the globe starts its financials afresh on this date, and Paranoia levels blast through the roof, thanks to the hoax-enthusiasts At HomeShop18, we have decided to celebrate this day [...]