Women's Day

In his classic song, She’s a woman to me, the musician, Billy Joel, has beautifully explained/immortalized the charm and the mystery of a woman. On this International Women’s Day, HomeShop18 too salutes the many facets of a woman.We truly believe every woman deserves to be respected and is a queen of her world – free, [...]


Cricket is a religion in India and when it is a celebration of the game for the much coveted World Cup trophy, an aficionado would do anything to stay attuned to every ball’s progress. This is what happened when the clash of the titans– India and Pakistan – kick-started the cricketing festival. The match was [...]

Valentines Day

February is the month of love, fun and exuberance and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to surprise your special people with a list of cherry-picked products by HomeShop18's ace anchors- Varun Dhawan and Divya Sabhlok.                                  With love [...]


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The launch of an overwhelming number of mobile phones year on year has been a treasure-trove for tech enthusiasts. With android itself evolving at an unprecedented pace, there have been parallel innovations in mobile phone technologies and features. Prioritizing design or feature or technology or price can surely lead to a lot of questions over [...]


There must have been many times when you  wished for a deal or a discount on a product of your own choice! But how many times have the retailers or e-tailers actually done that? Probably never! HomeShop18’s latest shopping extravaganza, The Great Indian Bazaar: Sare Jahaan se Sasta promises to satiate every shopper’s wish list [...]

Gifts to match your Zodiac Sign

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zodiac signs

Are you a Libran with the tastes of a Scorpio? Or does your personal style perfectly match your sun-sign forecast. Confused about gifting options for your friends and family? Join HomeShop18’s style gurus, as they consult the star charts to help you find the perfect gift to match your sun-sign. Adventurous Aries: The spirited Aries love the [...]

Adding WOW! to your weekend!

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Weekend - another name for rejuvenation, fun, eating out, shopping, catching up with friends and spending time with family. But after facing the punishable traffic on weekdays, going to the mall or a nearby shopping centre to shop seems like an arduous task. So for many, grabbing that cup of hot coffee and shopping at [...]

Launching the HomeShop18 Mobile App on Amazon’s Appstore

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Devised with the sole purpose of making our precious customer's lives faster, easier and more convenient than ever, the exclusive HomeShop18 mobile app is now being launched on Amazon's Appstore for Android. Lending our customers a degree of convenience that is unrivalled, our app seeks to eliminate the hassle of regular shopping by bringing it to [...]

Rakshabandhan offers

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Sibling connections are the most amazing kind of relationships that exist in the known world. And why not. They squabble, pinch and punch, only to make up seconds later as if nothing happened. This repeats year after year with only one day of truce, which we fondly know as Rakshabandhan. Rakshabandhan is one day in [...]

5 Must-Have Bags for Women

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There’s something absolutely magical about bags that women cannot get enough of. Spying on the snazziest bags of the season could be any woman’s favourite pastime. Handbags have been in use since time immemorial, assuming different shapes and styles as fashion evolved. As of 2014, there are scores of styles – totes, clutches, backpacks, wallets, [...]