5 Handbag Styles that Every Woman Must Have

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A handbag is one of the most important accessories of women. Whether you’re going to work, outings, the market, or any other place, it is hard to step out of the house without one. Besides accommodating all the usual important items, handbags also help you bring out your style by complementing your attire. To make a style statement with handbags, you must first know more about the different types. This blog post lists different types of handbags that every woman must own. If you’re missing out on any, you can buy online at Homeshop18. Read on.

1. Hobo

Hobo is one of the most common types of handbags. The shoulder bag usually has a single compartment closure and is available in various sizes, colors, and prints. It is is perfect to pair with both casual and professional attires. Check out Homeshop18’s range of hobo-style handbags, here.

2. Sling

Sling bags are easy to carry and look stylish. Be it a suit, skirt, jeans, dress, or any other outfit, the shoulder bag can be paired with almost any type of outfit. Available in an assortment of colors, designs, patterns, and shapes, sling bags are perfect for professionals and students. To check out Homeshop18’s collection of sling bags, here.

3. Backpack

Popular amongst youngsters, a backpack is a fashionable handbag style that is carried on your back. Designed with two straps that go over the shoulders, a backpack has ample space to accommodate heavy items such as books. Buy a backpack that suits your style and budget from Homeshop18’s backpack collection, here.

4. Tote

A tote is a large bag that can easily accommodate everyday items. It features double handles with an open main compartment. The handbags are well-suited to compliment your beach look or any other daytime casual look. To shop from Homeshop18’s tote collection, click here.

5. Satchel

Satchels are one of the most popular handbag designs this season. The bags are designed with a closed front flap and long strap, which allows you to hang one on your shoulder or cross it over the body. They are appropriate for both professionals and college students. Click here to check out our satchel collection.

Act Now and Save

These are some of the handbag styles that you can use to complement most of your apparel to look like a true fashionista every time your step out of the house. There is an extensive range of handbags for women in the market. Buy durable, stylish, and useful options that are available at affordable prices at Homeshop18. We have a range of high quality handbags for women available at great discounts.

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