High Quality Cheap Mobile Power Banks? Here Are your Top 5 Options

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Mobile phones and digital devices have become our lifelines. A disconnected or unreachable phone can be a cause for concern for loved ones, and even mean loss of business, which can be a frequent issue if you are using a multimedia phone that consumes more battery as compared to conventional mobiles. To help avoid this [...]

HomeShop18 brings you yet another super-sized promotion, the Knockout Sale! A pioneer in TV shopping, HomeShop18 has changed the way India shops and saves by launching India’s first 24X7 home shopping TV channel. HomeShop18 is one of the India’s largest online marketplaces and the Knockout Sale follows its spirit of bringing excitement to shoppers through [...]

HomeShop18 is at the forefront of India’s e-commerce revolution and constantly upping the game. We are committed to helping shoppers bag quality products without breaking the bank, which is why we regularly come up with exciting discounts and offers. To help shoppers save more, we also conduct shopping festivals. In line with the tradition, HomeShop18 [...]

Shop Till You Drop at HomeShop 18’s 60 GHANTEY MAHA LOOT

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Continuing its tradition of organizing exciting shopping festivals and events, HomeShop 18, India’s premier 24-hour shopping channel, brings you the 60 GHANTEY MAHA LOOT shopping festival to be held from the 19th-21st April. Buyers shopping three times during this period (total value of items to equal or be more than INR 3,990) will get a [...]

Looking to Buy Bed Sheets? Read This First!

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Buying bed sheets may seem easy, but is actually challenging, as it involves several considerations. Starting from the fabric to the length of the bed sheet, you have to take several details into perspective before making a purchase. While most buyers are consumed with the design and style of single or double bed sheets, some [...]

5 Best Natural Body Wash Products for Women

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When purchasing a body wash, you need a product that not only cleans your skin but also makes it soft and supple. An ideal body wash should be gentle (not harsh like a soap) and help your skin replenish its moisture. Purchasing the best natural body wash can be a difficult decision - owing to [...]

5 Expert Tips to Care For Your Curtains

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Curtains protect your privacy from prying eyes, uplift the aesthetics of your home interior, and are one of the first things guests notice about your home decor. Opting for stylish contemporary curtains helps create a positive impact and ambience. At HomeShop18, we provide different types of curtains and also cater to shoppers looking for discount [...]

HomeShop18 is committed to exceeding customer expectations. We believe in giving back and always seek to keep everything exciting and fresh when it comes to celebrating our anniversary. Continuing the tradition of extending great offers on our anniversary, we bring to you this year's anniversary sale #OURBIGDAY, between 1st and 9th April 2017. As a [...]

Top 5 Deals to Watch For at HomeShop 18’s Summer Special Deals

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HomeShop18 is at the forefront of India’s e-commerce revolution. Over the years, we have made our presence felt across the digital and electronic sphere, and established a 24 -hour home shopping channel, website, and a mobile app. To consolidate our position as a provider of superior quality products at affordable rates, HomeShop18 brings you regular [...]

5 Factors to Consider when Buying Dinnerware Sets

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Dinnerware is not just about a few pieces of bowls and plates to serve food to family & friends. It also reflects your style statement, and can be the highlight of any social do. Whether you need an elegant dinner set for an upcoming party or are simply looking to replace old dinnerware, you need [...]