Bored of your usual look? Want to get unending compliments? Want to look like a diva? Want someone to give you a makeover? Look no further as HomeShop18 is ready with a solution that will get you excited. So you all know about HomeShop18’s 18 Shringaar, a breakthrough concept in the lifestyle category that showcases [...]

The Summer Fashion 2015 blog was widely read and appreciated by our HomeShop18 customers. As promised, HomeShop18’s and your very own in-house stylist, I, Shikha Talwar, am back to answer queries sent in by you all. For all those who sent in questions about their personal style statement on the official twitter handle of Homeshop18, here [...]

Google invites HomeShop18 for Google Play App Indexing

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Since day one, we have tried to make shopping a smooth affair for you. In the process, we started our call centre, launched a website and a mobile app. On each of these platforms, we try to maintain a seamless flow of communication through which you stay updated with our ever-growing catalogue and new offers. [...]

O Order, where art thou?

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Shopping online is all fun and games until the order is placed and the nervous wait for the package begins. We know this because every week our customer support answers hundreds of queries on how to track orders. If you too have recently placed an order and are wondering about its whereabouts then keep reading. Here [...]

A Whole New Shopping Experience Awaits You!

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Don’t be taken by surprise if you visit and find yourself staring at a completely new avatar. Yes dear customers! HomeShop18 has just undergone its third and the biggest makeover yet, and it’s live for you to explore on So, in case you’re wondering about all that has changed, below is a brief [...]

Where There’s a Concern, There’s Our Customer Care

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Some people shop because they have to, and some others because they want to. Whatever category you belong to, the dynamics and flexibility that the internet has introduced into your shopping pattern is unbelievable. From the times when you had to herd the entire family to one store after the other, you’ve now reached a [...]

HomeShop18 awarded ‘Best Customer Service Excellence in eRetail’

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Customer is the king, the boss and the ultimate power – may seem a little animated but it’s true and straight from the heart of HomeShop18. All these years we have worked towards building our foundation as a trust-worthy and quality-focused brand, be it our products or the services. Either way the ultimate judge is [...]