4 Gorgeous and Affordable Night Dresses for Women

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If you are looking to refresh your nightwear, online shopping provides myriad options to choose from right in the comfort of your home or office. HomeShop18, one of the largest online shopping websites, is offering some of the best night dresses for women to suit every style. You can choose from a range of fabulous [...]

With Diwali around the corner, everyone has let loose the shopaholic inside, and no matter what you are looking to buy, the options are simple never-ending. The online marketplace is flooded with an array of men’s clothing, with every website offering heavy Diwali offers across their products range. When shopping for men’s clothes online, it [...]

7 Beauty Products Every Woman Must Have

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Are you worried about looking your best on your first date or going for a day out with your girlfriends? If yes, then don’t you worry because in this post we suggest a few easy to use beauty products that will not only add to your beauty but will also help you avoid any damage [...]

7 Skin Care Tips Every Man Must Follow

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A shabby man with a rough, dry skin is a big turn off for all women. While a man can change their way of dressing in no time, improving the way their skin looks and feels requires a lot of time, care and attention on their part. So, the sooner you start caring for your [...]

5 Economical Decor Ideas for Your Abode

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Home makeover doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Even the simplest ideas could have a big impact on the aura of your home, provided you know how to implement them in the right way. All it takes is little creativity and an insight to what’s trending to add instant style and glamour to any [...]

In the early 2000s, India started witnessing a digital revolution, with internet slowly penetrating our lives, and helping simplify our daily tasks. Hassle-free Shopping, however, was still a distant dream. As we move towards India’s 71st Independence Day, the country has evolved into one of the largest e-commerce markets, with almost everything available at the [...]

HomeShop18 is at the forefront of India’s e-commerce revolution and constantly upping the game. We are committed to helping shoppers bag quality products without breaking the bank, which is why we regularly come up with exciting discounts and offers. To help shoppers save more, we also conduct shopping festivals. In line with the tradition, HomeShop18 [...]

Shop Till You Drop at HomeShop 18’s 60 GHANTEY MAHA LOOT

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Continuing its tradition of organizing exciting shopping festivals and events, HomeShop 18, India’s premier 24-hour shopping channel, brings you the 60 GHANTEY MAHA LOOT shopping festival to be held from the 19th-21st April. Buyers shopping three times during this period (total value of items to equal or be more than INR 3,990) will get a [...]

Looking to Buy Bed Sheets? Read This First!

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Buying bed sheets may seem easy, but is actually challenging, as it involves several considerations. Starting from the fabric to the length of the bed sheet, you have to take several details into perspective before making a purchase. While most buyers are consumed with the design and style of single or double bed sheets, some [...]

5 Best Natural Body Wash Products for Women

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When purchasing a body wash, you need a product that not only cleans your skin but also makes it soft and supple. An ideal body wash should be gentle (not harsh like a soap) and help your skin replenish its moisture. Purchasing the best natural body wash can be a difficult decision – owing to [...]