Fun at work! A lot of us would have heard this phrase often and thought, yes, that’s the way it should be. At HomeShop18, we swear by it. We work, we enjoy and when we celebrate, believe us, we do it in style!! We set examples not only in the virtual shopping industry, but also [...]

Since day one, we have tried to make shopping a smooth affair for you. In the process, we started our call centre, launched a website and a mobile app. On each of these platforms, we try to maintain a seamless flow of communication through which you stay updated with our ever-growing catalogue and new offers. [...]

How to Scan N Shop?

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HomeShop18’s cutting-edge mobile shopping outlet – Scan N Shop Virtual Shopping Wall at Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport’s domestic departure wing – is creating buzz in the shopping world. The wall is equipped with 10 dynamic LED screens, displaying one product on each. These screens refresh at regular intervals with new products. How does one [...]

Scan N Shop is now Live @ T3, Delhi Airport. Hello Mobile Shopping!

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It wasn’t that long ago, that we pioneered home shopping, with India’s 1st 24-hour shopping channel… just under 5 years now. Happily, our innovative streak is alive and kicking. The idea always was and is to be the foremost virtual commerce company in and from India. And now, HomeShop18 takes the next big leap forward. [...]