Hip hip hurray! Summer time it is and with it comes summer vacations! The kids are excited and full of energy for a fun and frolic holiday. Be it a stay at their grandparents’ place or an adventure trip in the hills, summer break is one thing that the kids enjoy and the adults envy:). [...]

Cricket is a religion in India and when it is a celebration of the game for the much coveted World Cup trophy, an aficionado would do anything to stay attuned to every ball’s progress. This is what happened when the clash of the titans– India and Pakistan – kick-started the cricketing festival. The match was [...]

Celebrating the Spirit of Cricket World Cup at HomeShop18

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We are celebrating the spirit of Cricket world cup here at HomeShop18 and the excitement of the Cricket world cup is already palpable at our offices in Bangalore and Delhi. We love the game at HomeShop18 like every other part of India and we love it madly. Do make sure you are prepared to answer [...]