999 BAZAAR! Everything at Rs 999.

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Shopping has become an expensive necessity, right? Nothing good comes below a thousand rupees and the bills pile on. But what if we told you that today i.e. August 9th is set to be the 999 day at HS18? Yes, HomeShop18 will become the destination of many long-lasting and great-looking items on 9th August – [...]

Happy New Year! 3 Day Festive Sale: Save More While You Shop More!

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You must be thinking that there is something wrong with the title of this post; Happy New Year…in April? Didn’t we celebrate the New Year few months back? Well, you are right. All of us did celebrate New Year in January but this headline is also not incorrect :) Today is the Hindu New Year which [...]

8th Anniversary Celebration week : Band Baaja Tyohaar!

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Wow! Eight years! And, today we’re celebrating our eighth year anniversary. In these last few years, a lot has changed for us, but more importantly, a lot has stayed the same. Today, HomeShop18 has become the choice of over 20 million Indians because of your faith in our brand. Over the years, we have emerged as [...]

Cheer for Team India with official ICC World T20 T Shirts!

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India has always been a cricket frenzy nation and it has produced dozens of cricketing legends. For a nation to whom cricket is a religion rather than a game, HomeShop18 promises to be the perfect partner to help millions of Indians bleed blue this cricketing season   Setting yet another benchmark in the world of [...]

February, the month of love is here. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s that time of the year when a perfect gift for your special someone is a reflection of your love.  So, girls and boys,  ladies and gentlemen, are you ready with your gift? If you’re shaking your head in a no, then [...]

How many times have you waited for the next month to buy yourself something new? Almost every month – right? We, at HomeShop18 understand how shoppers wait for the beginning of the month to buy that pending product for themselves or their family. And to add to that happy feeling of a new month, HomeShop18 [...]

We all look for deals when shopping. Any discount, any coupon, any freebie or just about any offer works. And there’s nothing wrong in it, we say at HomeShop18. Offers are nothing but savings. And we are taught to save at all times. So get ready for the super offer that will excite you to [...]