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How to Find the Best Calling Tablets?

Calling tablets are the best way to keep in contact with your far-away distance relatives, friends and family.

Yet, like everything else, there is a variety of tablet with calling out there. Some are complicated to use with quality features whereas others are pretty easy in their functioning. So, what all should you keep in mind in order to find the right calling tablet? We just got you covered!

Here is a list of things that will help you pick the best calling tablet for you:

  1. Desired budget

How much are you willing to spend on it? This solely depends on what you are looking for. If all you need is a tablet which effectively lets you make calls and browse through internet then there is no need to be bankrupt.

On the other hand, if you want to keep up with the rapidly changing versions and wish to get your hands on the latest model, then it goes without saying that a big chunk of money needs to be taken out of your pocket.



  1. When are you going to buy it?

If you are one among those who wish to get a hold of the latest model, then try buying them as soon as they are released. You will be surprised to find a large discount immediately after a new version of calling tablet arrives in the market.

This way you can carry on without creating a hole in your pocket and manage to have the best calling tablet.

  1. Tablets with the best battery life

The camera is one of the often talked about feature. However, do not forget about the battery life as well. For someone who wants to use a tablet for calling purpose, battery life is a big deal. At the moment, there is Apple iPad Pro which will last for a solid 10.5 hours when fully charged, and the users can spend the whole day without the need of charging.

  1. Operating system selection

If you are not a newbie, then you would have probably heard of Android, Ipad (iOS) and Microsoft Windows. Presently they are dominating the tablet world with their wonderful and innovative features.

Here are top 3 operating systems briefly described for you:

  • Android

As mentioned above, Android tablets are number one and dominating for all the good reasons. This was developed by Google and is known to run famous devices like Samsung, Huawei, and Nexus.  The best part of Android is the variety it provides. They have low budget items for those who would like to spend less and on the other hand, they have cool expensive tabs for those willing to spend a lot. The quality, obviously, changes according to the amount one is willing to pay.



  • Apple iOS

Apple’s tab is one of the most expensive tabs available. They provide a high-resolution screen and some cool apps that are exclusive to apple users only.  In some cases, they apple apps have been designed for the phone, hence the users will have to make do with a smaller screen.

On a side note, Apple is what brought this revolutionary change by introducing the tablets to the world.

  • Microsoft Windows

This one is particularly useful for those who prefer working over PC. The interface and working of Windows tablets are very much similar to that of PC. OneDrive users can easily take data from their PC to their tab. Microsoft tabs have been built in a way making it easy for everyone and almost all the jobs can be done with this one device.

All in all, they are all capable of giving good calling experience. They are all fun to use varying in their own unique way.

Over To You

These were a few things that you should keep in mind while buying the best calling tablets. All in all, it ultimately depends on your requirements and budget.

So, which is your favourite pick? Do let us know in the comments below! To explore amazing cheap and best tablets at best prices, do not forget to visit HomeShop18 today!


How to Choose the Best Face Wash for Dry Skin?

Before we get into it, let us ask ourselves – what we mean by dry skin?

A dry skin can be defined as a skin that tends to get itchy and scaly easily. It often lacks moisture leading to a dry, dull and flaky looking skin. It also lacks sebum which is produced by the face.

To make up for the lost moisture and sebum, it is essential that you choose the best face wash for dry skin which replenishes and restores the natural moisture levels in your skin and keep it hydrated.

  1. Opt for a moisturizing face wash

When picking the best face wash for a dry skin, the number one priority must be its ability to retain moisture. Something that won’t strip off the natural oil off your face. Even normal skin type requires moisture. So, someone who has dry skin needs to keep an eye out for a richly moisturizing face wash.

The only drawback is some people tend to get pimples when using a highly moisturized face wash, so try checking if you fall under that category before making it a habit.



  1. A face wash that contains aloe vera

Aloe vera can be found in almost every face wash and skin care products likewise. Yet, there are some which don’t contain the presence of this magical plant. Opting for one with aloe vera ensures the health of your dry skin.

To begin with, aloe vera helps remove the dead layer and completely repairs your damaged skin. On top of that, it brings moisture and keeps your skin hydrated in the healthiest way possible. What’s more? Aloe vera also softens your skin, thus improving its texture.



  1. Pick between oil and cream based face wash

If you look into your options, you can easily find different types of face washes in the market varying from jelly to foamy. But here, for dry skins, your focus must be on the type that is suitable for dry skin.

Once again, we are going to emphasize on the need for moisture. This leaves us with two best choices for dry skin – oil and cream cleansers.

There are so many oil cleansers in the world, but when you look at the ingredients, you can figure out which one is of the superior quality. Those that use olive oil should definitely be given a preference.

Oil cleansers are water-based cleansers, hence ideal for skins that lack moisture. Taking a bit of oil into your dry hands and dabbing it on your dry skin is all you will need to do.

On the other hand, cream cleansers might be thick in appearance yet they contain many moisturizing ingredients like botanical and coconut oil. All these combined together helps stay clean without stripping the natural oil.

While washing off your face, make sure you are not leaving anything behind and every nook of your face is washed with water.



  1. Look out for nourishing ingredients

Nourishing ingredients will increase the health, growth and overall appearance of the face. It brings a glow which everyone will appreciate. Often times, a dry skin can make your face feel dull, hence the presence of nourishing ingredients can give it a lively look.

Some people confuse nourishing with moisturising. In reality, moisturising has to do with hydration, but nourishing is all about getting some beneficial nutrients to your skin. Aloe Vera, coconut, lavender, beeswax, neem and shea butter are the best nourishing ingredients out there.


Final Words

All in all, the above 4 tips are going to help you in picking the right face wash for your skin. These tips aim at bringing the original glory of your face back.

At the end of the day, the face wash is something we need to use on regular basis so don’t hurry without weighing your options, and choose the one which meets your skin’s requirements pretty well.

To explore an exclusive collection of skin care products online, head on to HomeShop18 straightaway!


How to Pack a Travel Grooming Kit

If you are someone who travels a lot, there are chances that you do not get much time to take care of your skin and hair. Lack of care can make your skin dull and boring and that may have negative affects on your entire personality.

Frequent travelling doesn’t mean that you cannot keep an eye on how you look. All you have to do is carry the right travel grooming kit. Here are a few tips on how to pack a grooming kit for men:

  1. The bag

Find a cheap nylon travel bag to carry your belongings. It needs to be compact enough so that you can carry it effortlessly, and also should be spacious enough so that it can carry all your essential belongings.

The best option for you can be a good leather drop bag; not only because they look classy, but also because they will hold up anything and everything amazingly. The size of the bag, however, depends on you.



  1. Decide what do you need

When you decide to start packing, you need to be sure about what to carry. There will be plenty of options for you – from your trimmer to your shaving cream and moisturizers. However, carry the things which are extremely important to you.

For example, if you are travelling for more than a year, carry your best trimmer for men in India. And if you are travelling for just a day or two, trimmer or shaving cream may not even that important to carry. The decision should be based upon the needs.

  1. Carry a deodorant

One of the most important things to carry while travelling is a deodorant. Remember that roll-on deodorants can leak in the reduced cabin pressure. Therefore, choose a liquid deodorant or a solid stick.

  1. A toothpaste and a toothbrush

Can you live without a toothpaste? Hope not! And probably you may not even find one on the road. Most people tend to forget packing a toothpaste in their travel pack. But this is something you have to keep in your travel kit even if you are travelling for a day or two. Apart from that, the toothbrush should be added to this list too.

  1. Shaving kit

Another important thing to carry on your travel kit is your shaving kit. In that kit, carry Gillette Mach 3 blades, your trimmer, a shaving cream and an after shaving lotion. This is the best kind of shaving kit anyone can carry while travelling. Small, compact and yet useful.



  1. A bathing bar

True that you will find all kinds of essential stuff in the hotel room. But a bathing bar is something that you should not forget to pack in your kit. You may have to need the soap anywhere at any moment.

  1. A comb

Keep your hair tidy and clean wherever you go. Carry a small comb in your travel kit so that your hair doesn’t complain.

  1. Fresh beard oil

Just the way you like to keep your hair shiny and happy, give your beard the same kind of importance. Carry a fresh beard oil so that it can bear the wear and tear of travelling. Taking care of your beard will ensure that you no longer complain about it once you are back from your trip.

  1. A face moisturizer

It is important to keep your skin hydrated while travelling. Carry a face moisturizer while you are travelling. Without a moisturizer, your travelling kit is incomplete.

  1. Shampoos

Whether it is a dry shampoo or a liquid water-based shampoo, carry any of these. While dry shampoo will keep your hair clean during times when you cannot wash your hair with water, a water-based one will be there for you when you want to get rid of all kinds of dirt and pollution.

A travelling kit is very important for you. Apart from keeping the above-mentioned things at your travel kit, you should also keep things like a men’s face wash, nail chippers, safety pins, aspirin, men’s lip balm, extra contact lenses (if you wear any), dental floss, and some digestive meds. This will make your entire travel kit complete.

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Choosing Eye Makeup: Eye Pencils and Kajals

Eyes should be such to drown in! Possibilities to make this happen are endless from diffident eye makeup during the daytime, dramatic for a party look, subtle for professional work, smokey eyes to classic tones or a tinge of colour tone. Choosing right eye pencils and kajal for the right eye makeup is essential.


Here are tips you should follow and consider while choosing eye makeup:

  1. Prefer organic cosmetics

From a past few years, the demand for organic products has seemingly increased due to the presence of natural ingredients and people becoming more health conscious. From food to clothing, want for organic products is high and so thus in cosmetics now.

Organic cosmetics should be preferred as they are less harmful to skin, eyes, and hair. There are various companies who sell organic kohls and eye pencils, you can search for the best online and buy accordingly.

  1. Look for genuine products

Now-a-days there are many quality brands selling genuine cosmetic products like kajals and eye pencils and what not. The thing to consider before choosing any eye makeup is your skin type.

One can also prefer asking for eye makeup products testing kits from the beauty products dealer and beauty salon. They can better judge your skin type and suggest you accordingly. Approach a salon you have trust on as those who prefer specific company’s products usually work on commission. Make sure their opinion is not guided by personal monetary benefits.

  1. Test for allergies

It is essential to test any eye makeup on your skin type before buying them. For testing, you have to follow a few steps. In case you are buying a kajal or eye pencil, first rub a small part gently on your forearm and leave it there for an hour.

After an hour, wash it off with normal water and examine any sign of colour change, if any. Moreover, if you are allergic to that makeup product, you will experience mild itching or redness in the area where you applied the makeup product. Make sure whenever you are choosing an eye makeup product, test it this way to test the safety of the makeup product.

  1. Know the difference between eye pencil and kajal pencil

Yes, eye pencil and kajal pencil are two different items and not the same. Eye pencils are basically the liners used to enhance your eyes but not good enough to apply on the inner side of your eye. Kajal pencils, on the other hand, are safer enough to be applied on the water line found just above your lower eyelashes.

Eye Pencil

  1. What to choose: kajal pencil or kajal stick

Kajal sticks are not required to be sharpened and thus are never sharp enough. Moreover, they lose their sharpness as used. Kajal pencils, on the other hand, remain sharp enough all the time and can be sharpened, are more travel friendly, available in the number of shades and has little or no plastic in them.

  1. Automatic pencils or sharpening type

We suggest using sharpening type kajal i.e. kajal pencil instead of automatic pencils. The reasons are:

  • Automatic pencils have relatively less stuff in them than the kajal pencils that are encased within wood or plastic. Automatic pencils have 0.4-0.5g of usable content in them whereas sharpening pencils contains about 1g of it. Sharpening pencils though lead to wastage but still manage to last longer than the automatic pencils.
  • With sharpening pencils, you need to always carry a sharpener as it also provides precision. In automatic pencils, the sharpness will always remain at a low level than sharpening pencils.
  • Moreover, automatic liners may not be convenient for applying all sorts of eye makeup This may be as they are much soft and get plonked. Also, if you prefer makeup cosmetics made up of natural products, finding such automatic pencil is difficult.
  1. Choosing brand

Don’t forget to focus on the brand of the product, durability, softness of the formulation and the shades the eye makeup product is available in.

Eye Makeup

These are some of the points that can help you in choosing the best kajal for eyes and eye pencils. For the best eye makeup collection, visit HomeShop18 today!


Advantages of Having Non-Stick Cookware in Kitchen

When you shop for cookware, you may start having thoughts about whether to buy a non-stick cookware or the regular uncoated stainless steels. However, there are plenty of benefits of using non-stick cookware, including the use of less oil for a better and healthier meal.

And if you are still unsure about whether you should buy nonstick frying pan or a stainless-steel fry pan, here are some advantages of having non-stick cookware in the kitchen:

Non-stick Pan

  1. You can cook delicious dishes without too much oil

Gone are the days when oily and fried foods were considered to be tasty and mouthwatering. Too much oily food can deteriorate your health to a great extent. However, again, there are hardly any recipes which require no oil. But, if you start using non-stick cookware instead of stainless frying pans, you can enjoy the same dish without too much oil.

Cookware like the prestige non-stick cookware set is an example of such non-stick cookware that can help you maintain your daily oil requirement. The cookware is enhanced with a non-stick cooking base material such as aluminum and that keeps the food away from sticking to the cookware. The best part, it doesn’t keep the food half cooked.

Prestige Non-stick Cookware

  1. Easy to clean, wash and dry

When you use non-stick tawa or any other such cookware, you do not have too keep rubbing the surface while cleaning it. As unlike other cooking wares, the non-stick cookware does not absorb any oils, it becomes easier for you to clean them properly.

All you have to do is wash regularly with normal dishwashing soaps and you are good to go.

Non-stick Tawa

  1. They are highly scratch resistant

The non-stick cookware that you are using is not just perfect for cooking and cleaning, they also last longer than the other utensils. Why? Because the surface of such cookware is highly scratch resistant.

However, while you decide to use a non-stick pan or a tawa, you have to keep in mind that the use of the right spoon is very important. The non-stick coating can be ruined if you use any normal ladle, or spoons that are made of steel. Use non-stick spoons and ladles if you wish to keep the surface of your cookware intact. The longevity of your cookware depends on how you use it.

  1. They are highly stylish and makes your kitchen look beautiful

The non-stick cookware is not only made with the help of modern technology, they are also modern when it comes to design and style. Regular steel cookware turns out to be dull and boring with regular wear and tear.

However, the look of non-stick cookware remains intact and beautiful even after regular use. This is due to the dark greyish coating present in the cookware which makes it look stylish and beautiful. It also compliments your kitchen to a great extent.

  1. Uniform distribution of heat

While cooking, it is really important that there is a uniform distribution of heat. It helps your food to cook faster and better. When you use steel cookware, there might be a lack of uniform distribution of heat and that can take a lot of time cook.

While you were cooking in a non-stick cookware, it evenly distributes the heat and the food is cooked faster. Meaning, saving a lot of fuel or gas.

Use of non-stick cookware is one of the best ways to cook. It helps you eat healthily and also save you a lot of time while cooking. If you are still using steel cookware, it is time you should switch to non-stick cookware.


9 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Lenovo Mobile Phones

Lenovo was founded in Beijing in the year 1984. It took over the IBM’s PC business in the year 2005 and became the top PC maker by 2013. The company entered the business of making android mobile phones and window tablets in 2011and began selling them the next year. It also acquired the Motorola mobility from Google in the year 2014.

Android mobiles

The company has recently opened a dedicated online-only smartphone sub brand called Zuk in China. The latest mobile launched by Lenovo is A5. The abundance of features, great sound, attractive user interface, something new always at astonishing Lenovo mobile phone prices, Lenovo smartphones are always to crave for.  Here are some of the reasons why you should buy Lenovo smartphones over others.

  1. Dolby Atmos speakers

One of the striking features of the Lenovo smartphones are the twin Dolby Atmos speakers. They are one-of-its-kind with extensive and rich sound quality. Gain a next level experience of watching videos, video chats, music, and games with enhanced audio that stirs up the world around you. It is one of the foremost reasons Lenovo android mobile phones have the advantage over other smartphones.

  1. Fast, reliable and responsive

Most lenovo android smartphones run on Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core processors that provide seamless multiple running of activities in a go. Lenovo smartphones are the perfect blend of both performance and power. With high quality RAM inside, it does everything in a blow which enables the finest experience in handling tasks with no interruptions.

  1. Impressive display

The display of Lenovo mobiles is made with the view to provide theatre experience of watching movies, videos with sharper, brighter, vibrant and quality images. The new feature added to latest model is the IPS i.e. the in-plane switching enables automatic switching up to 180 degree wide angle views perfect for sharing the screen with friends.

  1. Expandable storage

Lenovo smartphones come with expandable storage i.e. memory storage capacity can be increased further in addition to the internal storage with the help of a microSD card.

  1. Cameras

No smartphone can be called the best without a quality front and rear camera. In the world of selfies, the front camera is actually given more priority than the rear camera. Not compromising with the demands of our customers, Lenovo android smartphones are equipped with HD quality cameras which provider clearer, brighter and sharp colored images. The led flash at the rear adds to the stream of great pictures.

  1. 4G, connectivity with dual SIM

4G connectivity is a must in any smartphone now-a-days. Lenovo smartphones support high speed (LTE) 4G data network. Further, most Lenovo smartphones have a dual SIM slot which eliminates the problem of keeping two mobiles when you out of town or country.

  1. Powerful battery

The battery is another criterion people usually consider while buying a smartphone. They usually look for long lasting battery hours of their mobile. Keeping in the mind the customers’ demands, Lenovo smartphone’s battery is made powerful so that our user can enjoy the uninterrupted experience in calling, watching videos and video calls on their smartphone. Also, new models have an added feature of swappable battery so that you can swap the fully- charged one with the drained one.

  1. Android version

All the new models of Lenovo android mobile phones are interfaced with latest Android version i.e. lollipop. One can enjoy all the benefits of new android version can be easily updated to the next version (if launched).

  1. Color options

The color options in Lenovo are always unique and alluring. The color ranges from metallic grey, graphite grey, champagne gold, platinum silver to vary others as per the model. The body of Lenovo smartphones are to die for is one of the reasons why Lenovo android mobile phone should be preferred over others.

Wrapping Up

We are here to show you the right path, though the power of efficient decision making always lies with you. We hope you weigh your needs, desires, and budget and take decision accordingly.

Lenovo Mobile Phones

To explore a wide collection of Lenovo mobiles online, don’t forget visiting HomeShop18!


Tips for Online Furniture and Home Décor Shopping

Shopping online is easiest. You get to shop in the comfort of your home, for prices lower than the market prices, ease of delivery and what not.

But when it comes to shopping big items like furniture, we are always sceptical about the quality, online frauds or not getting it up to our expectations. Moreover, for bulky items, the return policy, warrantees, and policies are more complicated as compared to buying something less expensive.

But fear not! Everything has its drawbacks. However, buying from a right ecommerce store is a favourable deal. Here are some tips that can help you eliminate all your worries while buying furniture online.

1. Choosing a furniture website
The first step that is involved in online furniture shopping and home décor online shopping is to look for reputed and trusted sites. The Internet is full of websites that can dupe you easily.

To avoid falling prey to such websites, it’s important to do proper research on each and every website where you can find the bestdeals. Some of the points to remember that would help you in your research are:

• The key to identifying a good website is through their about us page. Best online retailers provide complete information about their company’s history, experience in the field and customer reviews. The website should contain addresses and phone numbers to contact too.

• It’s easy to investigate about any site over the internet. There are various online forums that provide honest customer reviews. Though you may find a few bad reviews for every website, a multitude of them should not be ignored.

Google product search is an amazing service which let users review and give rating about the online retailers. You can decide accordingly.

• A flexible return policy is a clear eye opener. Keep a distance from an online retailer with complicated, unclear or no return policy. You need to cut off such options from your list of retailers.

• Shipping policy is another deciding factor in determining a good online retailer. Read the shipping policy carefully before taking any decision. Some of the retailers hike up the shipping cost or charge a handling fee. Make sure you don’t get into one.

2. Choosing furniture pieces
After you decide on the website you will buy furniture from, the next step is to choose the desired furniture and home décor pieces from it. Here are some of the tips that would help you in online furniture shopping:

• Don’t depend solely on the photos given on the website. You can search for the brand name and of the item individually to find all the possible photos.

• Don’t forget to read the description below each furniture piece and examine the details and wordings described there.

• Check the measurements carefully specified, don’t depend on the photos for the size.

• Sometimes the colour of the furniture is slightly different from the actual due to distortion. You can read the reviews for proper insights into the colour of furniture.

3. Pricing decisions
After you decide on the pieces of furniture to buy, the next concern is to pay the right price for it.

• Mostly, you can find the same furniture on different websites; compare the prices of these websites. Note the various costs charged and their bifurcation by different retailers and decide accordingly.

• Wait for the time of sales. Online retailers provide clearance sale, single piece sale on different occasions and in particular months. Buying during sales can also help you in buying affordable furniture.

4. Furniture shipping options
The last concern is the shipping method as there are myriad of options provided.

• There is front door delivery where the delivery driver will drop off your furniture on the first floor or on the gate of your house.

• In case of inside delivery, the delivery driver will drop off your furniture to the inside of the house even if it involves moving through stairs or not.

• White glove delivery is an inside delivery plus it also involves unpacking and setting up your furniture wherever asked.

These were some of the tips on online furniture shopping and home décor shopping. If you are also looking to shop the furniture online, simply visit HomeShop18 and get best prices!

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Let’s face it. Water related diseases claim 3.4 million deaths every year! This simply explains the importance of clean drinking water.
Although, there are various ways through which you can make an attempt to make the water fit for drinking purposes. However, among all these processes, the process of Reverse Osmosis is the best way to clean water.

If you are still confused, this article would help you out! Here we will have a closer look at why every house must have an RO Water Purifier.

1. Reverse osmosis increases the taste of water
You might not know, but water contains a range of undesirous substances like salts, chemicals, debris and the like. Reverse osmosis works by removing these unwanted substances from the water. This enhances its taste and makes it fit for drinking.

2. However, it does not remove the required minerals
You might conclude that RO would also remove the required and useful minerals from the water, which might interfere with your health. But this is far different from the reality.

As a matter of fact, RO only removes the harmful chemicals which can have a huge adverse affect on your health.

3. It helps to clean drinking water
Boiling the water and cooling it down before drinking is not only troublesome but can also cost more in the long run. But cleaning the water with Reverse Osmosis is way cheaper than other cleaning methods. RO water purifiers are the best water purifiers in india, especially when the water here is laden with many harmful chemicals.

4. It consumes less energy to clean water
Why spend more resources when you can get the same thing for half the energy? Electricity and water are non-renewable resources, and spending a large amount of energy for cleaning water is not appreciable.

This is when RO water purifier comes to your rescue which purifies the water by spending a fraction of energy.

5. RO purifiers do not require a large amount of space
No matter, if you have a spacious bungalow or a cozy apartment, an RO purifier can fit snuggle irrespective of the space you have.
The RO water purifiers can also be mounted on the wall, or below the cabinet – the way you want. This helps you save space.

6. RO water purifiers do not require much maintenance
Cleaning the normal water filters is a very troublesome work. The RO water purifiers do not require much cleaning and maintenance and thus it becomes easy for the people to maintain the RO water purifiers.

All you need to do is clean them periodically and get them serviced every six months, and you are good to go.

7. They are the best water purification system
RO purifiers have many different levels of water purification system. The water passes through the different stages, through a minimum of seven stages before it finally comes out. Therefore the RO water purifiers are completely safe for people to drink.

8. The RO water purifiers save lots of time
Imagine the time you had to spend cleaning the water manually if you do not use an RO water purifier to clean the water. Each time you want to drink water, you have to boil the water and cool it down before you can finally drink it.

The RO Water purifiers remove all troublesome steps and help us to save time.

9. RO water purifiers are environment-friendly
Using a large amount of energy for boiling water or buying a bottle of water from the store is not much environment friendly. But if you are using an RO purifier, then it gives you clean water in an environment friendly way.

Over to You

In India, clean water is very scarce. This is the reason why waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera are always on the verge of spreading. Protect yourself and your family from any such danger, and make water fit for drinking with the help of an RO water purifier.

While we are at it, let’s also take an honest initiative to save water wherever we can!

So, what are your views on this? Do you have a water purifier at home? Are you looking to install one? Well, look no further and visit HomeShop18 to explore the vast collection of RO water purifiers online


5 Features to Look for When Choosing the Trimmer

Men don’t like grooming – this is one of the biggest lies ever circulated. Men do and must love grooming themselves. And it is not about being impressive to someone; it is about being impressive to yourself.

When it comes to beards, men love them. Men love to take care of their beards and yes! Beard is a new love. A well-groomed beard makes everyone go gaga over them and men love it when someone compliments the same.

Whether you are already a proud owner of your luscious beard or you are trying to grow one, trimmers are quite essential in that matter. You have to be really choosy while buying your first trimmer.

There are plenty of options available when you are buying the best trimmer for men, but here 5 features that you must pay attention to. They are:

1. Brand
Of course, the brand matters. Good brands will give you better performances. However, if you are choosing to opt for a non-branded trimmer, that might not be a good idea.

Branded trimmers don’t only give you quality services, they also provide you with safety measures. Moreover, they do the job properly and faster than other non-branded trimmers.

A lot of men tend to opt for non-branded trimmers because they are relatively cheaper than the branded ones. But that is just a misconception. Do not compromise with quality just for a few rupees.

There are branded trimmers that come at a very cheap price. The Philips trimmer cheap price is a great example here.

2. Quality
This goes without saying – choose a beard trimmer that is going to last long. And for that, it is highly recommended to choose a model made with stainless steel blades. However, also look for a proper grip in the trimmer so that you don’t have to deal with any accidental slips.

When it comes to cord or cordless trimmers, this completely depends on your preferences. This might also depend on whether or not you have a power socket in the bathroom. If you are someone who travels a lot, you should choose the cordless trimmers.

3. The Length Option
Another important thing to keep in mind while buying a trimmer is the length option of the blades. The beard trimmers mostly come with adjustable combs which can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

Such trimmers can be really helpful if you love flaunting different styles with different lengths.

There are precision trimmers with smaller extra blades and those are often attached to the trimmer itself. You can simply twist them and join them in the main blade.

4. Type of Trimming
Different men have different trimming preferences. While some prefer before and after shower trimming, some prefer to trim during the shower time. However, depending on your preferences, you should opt for a trimmer that is made for wet or dry trimming.

But then again, there are a few others who like to switch between the both. If you are one of those, then choose a trimmer that can be used for both dry and wet trimming.

5. Versatility
Trimmers come in different varieties. One of the biggest thing that you should look for in a trimmer is its versatility. If you are someone who is always in a hurry, they should look for trimmers that can be used for both dry and wet shaving. It gives you better groom flexibility, giving you an opportunity to groom yourself wherever you want, whenever you want.

Bottom Line
Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, there are a few other features that you should look for while choosing a trimmer. There are a few trimmers that offer moisture to your skin while trimming. So, grooming and moisturizing go hand in hand.

Apart from that, look for a cleaning station in the trimmer. This ensures that the shaving head of the trimmer is free from any build ups and this would normally boost its lifespan.

These were a few qualities that you should look for in a trimmer? Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below!


Tupperware Aquasafe bottles and other Tupperware products have been used by people all over the world for over 60 years now. The brand has become popular among the people because of its quality and range of storage products in the market.

There are varieties of packaging methods used by the brand in order to store all kinds of perishable foods for a much longer period of time. These products are reusable as well durable which are quite beneficial for the environment.

These Tupperware Aquasafe bottles are made of polycarbonate and this is the reason why they are considered as one of the best storage options for water and food.

There are many benefits of using such Tupperware bottles for your home. Here are a few reasons why you should use Tupperware products for your daily use –

1. The Tupperware Aquasafe bottles are versatile and much better in comparison to other plastic water bottles. These bottles can be used to store water, beverages, soft drinks and any other form of liquids both for your home and outdoor needs without any hassles. The best part is, these bottles are ergonomically designed with various essential storage features.

2. The water bottles and flasks by Tupperware are available in all kinds of sizes for you. You can simply choose any of these sizes according to your needs. You can buy these water bottles for your school going kids. You can buy between one-liter and half liter bottles. It will be easier for your kids to carry them to school.

3. Just like any other Thermosteel water bottles, the Tupperware Aquasafe bottles have amazing caps. It includes a tab and therefore, you can easily open or close them effortlessly.

4. The Tupperware bottles are easy to carry because they are not heavy and they come in various other sizes. And above all, they are quite easy to clean. You can easily clean the bottles and start using them again.

5. Tupperware Aquasafe Bottles are durable and last for a longer time. So, you are helping the environment by not using and throwing any plastic bottles.

6. The Tupperware Aquasafe Bottles save you a lot of space in your bag. They are compact and come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, you can choose the ones that suit your needs the best.

Tupperware Aquasafe bottles are a convenient and hygienic product for water storage for everyone. And there is no doubt about that.

They not only are a safer way to store water and food, but they are also very helpful towards the environment as they are reusable and durable.

If you have not used Tupperware Aquasafe bottles yet, you should start using those as soon as possible.

Apart from bottles, Tupperware also has some amazing storage products; such as food containers, containers for your kitchen, and refrigerator.