Calling tablets are the best way to keep in contact with your far-away distance relatives, friends and family. Yet, like everything else, there is a variety of tablet with calling out there. Some are complicated to use with quality features whereas others are pretty easy in their functioning. So, what all should you keep in [...]

Before we get into it, let us ask ourselves – what we mean by dry skin? A dry skin can be defined as a skin that tends to get itchy and scaly easily. It often lacks moisture leading to a dry, dull and flaky looking skin. It also lacks sebum which is produced by the [...]

If you are someone who travels a lot, there are chances that you do not get much time to take care of your skin and hair. Lack of care can make your skin dull and boring and that may have negative affects on your entire personality. Frequent travelling doesn’t mean that you cannot keep an [...]

Eyes should be such to drown in! Possibilities to make this happen are endless from diffident eye makeup during the daytime, dramatic for a party look, subtle for professional work, smokey eyes to classic tones or a tinge of colour tone. Choosing right eye pencils and kajal for the right eye makeup is essential. Here [...]

When you shop for cookware, you may start having thoughts about whether to buy a non-stick cookware or the regular uncoated stainless steels. However, there are plenty of benefits of using non-stick cookware, including the use of less oil for a better and healthier meal. And if you are still unsure about whether you should [...]

Lenovo was founded in Beijing in the year 1984. It took over the IBM’s PC business in the year 2005 and became the top PC maker by 2013. The company entered the business of making android mobile phones and window tablets in 2011and began selling them the next year. It also acquired the Motorola mobility [...]

Shopping online is easiest. You get to shop in the comfort of your home, for prices lower than the market prices, ease of delivery and what not. But when it comes to shopping big items like furniture, we are always sceptical about the quality, online frauds or not getting it up to our expectations. Moreover, [...]

Let’s face it. Water related diseases claim 3.4 million deaths every year! This simply explains the importance of clean drinking water. Although, there are various ways through which you can make an attempt to make the water fit for drinking purposes. However, among all these processes, the process of Reverse Osmosis is the best way [...]

Men don’t like grooming – this is one of the biggest lies ever circulated. Men do and must love grooming themselves. And it is not about being impressive to someone; it is about being impressive to yourself. When it comes to beards, men love them. Men love to take care of their beards and yes! [...]

Tupperware Aquasafe bottles and other Tupperware products have been used by people all over the world for over 60 years now. The brand has become popular among the people because of its quality and range of storage products in the market. There are varieties of packaging methods used by the brand in order to store [...]