Festival of Colors and Fun

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Happy Holi

India is a land of wonder. We are over 1 billion people, worshipping different gods and celebrating different festivals. While most festivals are specific to certain faiths, there are others, which originated from particular regions but were so much fun that everyone welcomed them with open arms.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, we are talking about the festival of colors, Holi. That one day from a long list of festivals when people from all faiths, and regions come together to splash some color on their differences.

Anyone who loves fun and doesn’t mind letting loose for a day, loves Holi. So much so, that the pre-Holi planning starts long before the d-day. Enthusiasts start stocking up on the Holi essentials – colors, water guns (pichkari) and balloons, tummy-pleasing Ghujias, and bhaang-adorned thandai.

Though the festival is intended to be fun and jolly, it gets unpleasant too at times. Instances of drunken riots and skin-burning paints aren’t very uncommon. So, avoid all that could be a possible kill-joy and have as much fun as you can, safely and responsibly. Also, remember to clear you precious Holi checklist!

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Have a safe and fun Holi!

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