A pair of headphones won him a brand new Swift car on HomeShop18!

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It is the season of wins at Shop-o-Mania on HomeShop18. Purchase of any product of any value on HomeShop18.com or on HomeShop18 TV channel between 24th December, 2012 and 6th January, 2013 gives you a chance to win Maruti Swift cars, smart bikes and scooters. We have recently announced the first winner of the Maruti Swift car who is a young engineering student and is totally elated as he purchased a pair of headphones and got lucky.

Here are excerpts from our conversation with Akash Adarsh from Bangalore, the lucky winner!

How long have you been shopping on HomeShop18?

This is the first time I shopped on HomeShop18. However, my family shops on HomeShop18 regularly. I was really surprised and excited as I won a car on my first purchase.

What was your first reaction when you were informed that you won?

I was sleeping when I got a call that I have won, I couldn’t have woken up to better news. I am in my final year of engineering and just got placed recently. So, this adds to the excitement. I really couldn’t have asked for something better.

How does it feel to win your brand new car and who will you take out for the first drive?

I am obviously very excited and will take my friends out for a drive.

Would you recommend HomeShop18 to your friends?

I will definitely recommend HomeShop18 to all my friends.


HomeShop18 congratulates Akash and hopes he enjoys his drive.

After Akash, two more customers got lucky and won the swanky Swift car. You still stand a chance to win as there are more cars and bikes up for grabs. Keep shopping and winning!

Team HomeShop18

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