It’s a keeper! – The world of mini-storage

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Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy small things in life without the fear of losing them? Almost every day, we dedicate at least a good half hour to searching for things. Tiny and elusive things like car keys, ear studs, food coupons, fallen shirt buttons and what not!
Generally, the first instinct is to put them away in drawers, stray pouches or open bowls; all of which are just as prone to getting lost as the things inside them. Making the matters worse is the fact that none of these storage ideas look elegant.

HomeShop18’s Home and Kitchen section is fast-growing to be a one-stop for all home furnishings. In the process, we have added some unique, compact and classy solutions to tackle dilemmas like the one above.

Coin boxes:

Handling loose change is a mini-project on its own. It’s always lying around when not needed and practically non-existent in urgency. If your everyday life is also marred by this then it is time to get an elegant fix; one that stays in one place without looking shabby.

Saaga's Silver Box

Saaga's Coin BarrelSaaga's Coin Letterbox








Key holders:

Car keys are every home’s ghost. They vanish just before leaving for work and especially when you are running late. Below is an easy contraption to keep all the bunches in one place and keep you going on time.

Saaga Double Door Keybox


Smaller versions of big things look cute. So do these mini-cabinets in wood and ceramic. Do not be misled by their size because they are as functional as their life size counterparts and just as elegant. Each cabinet has a set of pull-out drawers either made from wood or ceramic. You can use these as a dresser drawer or for storing knick-knacks.

ExclusiveLane Wooden Storage Drawers

Four Drawer Ceramic Mini-Cabinet3 Drawer Ceramic Mini Cabinet by Saaga








Office sets:

Who says that an office has to be set in geometrical shapes and dull shades? Splash some colour onto your work space with these! A beautifully carved pen stand, a full utility 3-in-1 office set and all-important specs stand to help you find everything else.

Aapno Rajasthan Carved Pen Stand

3-in-1 Ethnic Office Set by SaagaSpecs Stand from Home Sparkle








Click here to browse through more such miniature storage items and more.


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