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The World Cup is back and we can bet on our lives that you have not slept very well in the past fortnight! Neither have we! In fact, we believe that during the world cup, being a nervous wreck and a sleep-deprived zombie is totally acceptable.

The legend of football is complicated. It is the most loved game in the world with die-hard fans in at least five continents. Interestingly, it is loved as much for its sneaky fouls and air-bender penalty kicks as it is for legends like Pele and Maradona. Football is chaotic yet beautiful in a way that only its fans understand. Unfortunately, this World Cup like most before it, is on the other side of the planet, which for us Indians means expediting graveyard shifts.

To keep you wide awake at such ungodly hours, especially during the lull of half-time and cooling breaks, we are introducing the Midnight Football Sale.

Football Midnight Sale

Football is a sport for the passionate and it’s not done justice unless each and every nook of your being screams of World Cup. This Sale is here to help you do just that!

The Midnight Football Sale will run from 11:00 pm till 4:00 am every night until 14th July, so that you can cheer and shop and cheer some more until the Finals. The sale covers every aspect of the World Cup; even the changing allegiances as your favourite team(s) are eliminated.

What to expect during the sale?

We understand the passions attached with the game, so, we gathered a team of football fans to handpick the products for you.

 Cosco and Nivia footballs featuring the 32 teams participating in the World Cup 2014
 Football gear: football shoes, goalkeeper’s gloves and shin guards
 Football-themed clothing: football-themed tees and loafers



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