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Rakhi Offers

Sibling connections are the most amazing kind of relationships that exist in the known world. And why not. They squabble, pinch and punch, only to make up seconds later as if nothing happened. This repeats year after year with only one day of truce, which we fondly know as Rakshabandhan.

Rakshabandhan is one day in a slurry of 364 days of bickering when all the tiffs are dropped in exchange for rakhis, gifts and sweets. On a typical Rakhabandhan morning, sisters tie pretty rakhis on the brothers’ wrists, after which they exchange thoughtful gifts. And, that is exactly where the challenge lies – selecting a thoughtful gift. If you have siblings then you would agree that selecting the perfect gift takes days and days of spying and tireless planning. In case, you have been struggling with yours then sit back and breathe calmly because we have hand-picked and carefully sorted gifts for all the brothers and sisters on HomeShop18.

Irrespective of your sibling’s interest, profession or persona, you are sure to find enough options to choose from. Here are some to help you get started.

Gifts for BrothersGifts for Sisters


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