Homeshop18: 18 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without Your Mobile Phone for 24 Hours

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Mobile phones are no longer considered to be a luxury. They have in fact become a necessity, making us entirely dependent on their features, so much so that the count of cell phones within a family exceeds the number of people in it. The importance of mobile phones is also felt when we are unable to locate our phones and paranoia sets in. This multipurpose gadget has become a part of our lives and is our access to everything!

So here we give you 18 uses of the mobile phone made by you during 24 hours, without which you can’t call it a day:

1. The Alarm clock

Many of us need our mobile phones as an alarm. We use it to wake us up on our favourite song, at a not so favourite time. Now days, a significant population trusts their mobile phones more than the good old alarm clocks. Almost all of us prefer waking up to the tunes of our choice, a Bollywood song, a Hollywood number or maybe, a religious song rather than the monotonous ticktickticktick!


2. To ease the pressure

One place where you’ll never forget to take your mobile phone with you is the toilet. It is THE SPOT where you would like to catch up on those conversations that you missed last night, but your phone didn’t because it didn’t go to sleep.


3. Morning Melodies

To start your day listening to melodies that will allow you to go through the entire day in fine tune, just plug-in your earphones and set the mood with songs of your choice.


 4. Appointments and Schedule

The Mobile calendar is that feature for many of us that reminds us of meetings, never lets us forget the last date for submitting a form or bill or even, the deadline to submit the presentation to your boss. This wonderful feature keeps life in sync.


5. Daily dose of news

It is early in the morning and you still haven’t heard the pounding of newspaper on your door or even if it has arrived, it is still making rounds among your folks. You open an app of your favourite newsletter on your phone or move on to the twitter page of the same to find out the score of a late night match that you missed or to read about the latest Bollywood controversy that arouse.


6. Answer calls smartly

You are still having your cereal, but the person calling you doesn’t know that. You take this call and assure your friend that you’ll be there in 15 minutes and if it is your boss, you are already on your way! As much as you don’t want to annoy the other person you just can’t help it, can you?


7. Clock

Over the years, smartphones have become the primary way of knowing what time it is. Most of us just pick up the phone, click the power button and check the time on the home screen. Even if you do wear a watch, chances that you will see the time on the phone are higher. What more, you can even set a world clock to be in sync with the time of your relatives, friends that live in another part of the world.


8. Stay mute, stay updated

You need to be part of a conference call, but you are stuck in traffic. The Mute feature of the smartphone comes in really handy to save your life. Stay updated with everything that is being discussed over the call and become audible only when there is a question directed at you or you need to add something to the discussion. Sounds familiar?


9. Instant Mail Access

You have reached your destination, but you’d like to double check the venue in which the meeting is supposed to be held or the name of the person you are supposed to meet. You instantly open the email invitation on your mobile phone and make sure that you don’t have to wander in the corridors, wondering where you are supposed to be and whom you are supposed to meet.


10. Contacts

Remember those small diaries that had information about all the people you knew. You had to manually find names and numbers of people you wanted to contact and in case the diary wasn’t around, you possibly couldn’t make the call. But now you have all the information from name, number, address, email ID, birthday etc. saved in your contact list. Just enter a few alphabets of the contact you are searching for and all the information is in your hands within microseconds. The simple yet extremely beneficial feature of the smartphone, used by you several times during the day.



11. Handling the Overprotective ladies of your house

Your mother sends a message on the messenger to ensure if you’ve reached or your caring wife messages during a meeting to make sure you’ve eaten lunch. That smile on your face and the quick reply with the messenger app to update them about you is all it takes for them to lighten up.



12. Fulfilling your social networking desires

You were chilling with your friends in the canteen when one of them poured a cold cup of coffee on themselves. You immediately take a snapshot of the hilarious moment and share it online along with other moments that you captured throughout the day via your cell phone camera.



13. Make your ride back home fun

You’ve had enough for the day and are returning home in the first metro you could board. You just can’t imagine yourself covering the distance without besting your high score in Temple Run or Subway Surfer or without clearing the jellies of Candy Crush Saga.


14. Utility Apps

The number of apps on your smartphone are innumerable. So whether you want to purchase a dress for your next party or get a bouquet delivered to your best friend on their birthday or book your movie tickets, there’s a utility app for everything.They make life easy and save countless hours by completing your tasks in just a few minutes.


15. Dine at a place of your choice

It is dinner time and you plan to dine somewhere outside. You open one of the numerous apps that you have installed on your phones and decide upon a restaurant that you’d be able to locate using your the Maps app.


16. To watch your favourite Celeb or show

You just watched a great movie or the show of your favourite star and can’t wait to watch it again. What do you do? Just watch it on your smartphone or download the movie and keep it stored for viewing later (whenever you are in the mood).


17. The Mirror

How can you forget the most amazing Front Camera feature? Not just the ladies, but even men use this feature to check their looks right before entering a meeting or an event. Just put on the front camera as your mirror and you know you are ready to go or you need some quick fixes.


18. Anywhere internet access

Your smartphone is your directory for instant information. You are travelling and require some information about locations nearby or about tourist attractions you should be visiting, just search on your phone. You’ll get a list of places, reviews, and directions to reach the place. . If the city or destination is new to you, such information is golden.


Mobile phones were first invented with the objective of making phone calls. However, the feature has now become the sixth most common use of a mobile phone. There are several other features that have taken over making mobile phones the one-stop gadget for all our daily needs and tasks.

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