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Hip hip hurray! Summer time it is and with it comes summer vacations! The kids are excited and full of energy for a fun and frolic holiday. Be it a stay at their grandparents’ place or an adventure trip in the hills, summer break is one thing that the kids enjoy and the adults envy:). However, parents dread it as they have to keep their kids busy with something or the other through this break. Fret not now people, as HomeShop18 brings to you offers specially designed for the kids under the Kids Zone.


Visit the Toys Zone for the wide variety of remote controlled cars, bikes, airplanes and helicopters, and many more. These toys will help kids understand directions better and even develop their multi-tasking skills. For toddlers, they get introduced to motion and watch as your sibling, cousin or parents show you the magic of movement. For others, these toys are fun as they play along with their friends. This zone is perfect for adults too as no matter the age, many still like playing with remote controlled devices.



Summer time also resonates with outdoor activities, a dip in the pool, a perfect cricketing shot or even learning the trick to dunk. Just browse through the Holiday Season Fun sports and buy them the cute animal shaped swimming rings or a pool cruiser that is available in many shapes, for toddlers. HomeShop18 has something for little babies too, a private pool so they kick & splash in the water and don’t miss the fun. What more, the pool has a sunshade that will protect the baby from the harmful sun rays. Also available is the cricket, basketball and dart set that you can order from the comfort of your home by using the mobile app or browsing through the website.







Be it your little one’s birthday party or their friend’s birthday or an outing, actually there is always a reason to buy clothes. The girls range is specially designed with vibrant colored dresses that complements their cuteness. For the boys, there are capris, t-shirts and shorts available at the online store, where your child will surely be spoilt for choice.



















If you thought it was over, not yet, there is kids’ jewelry and hair accessories that can easily impart that fairy-look to your baby girls. With everything from the hairband to clips to earrings and sunglasses, you’ll find it hard to resist anything that you see. Also, check out kid’s watches where you will find all kinds of watches for whether introducing the little one to the world of time or teaching time management to the young kids. Pick up from the stylish range of digital wrist watches, sporty watches or from the Disney watches range for both boys and girls.




So don’t wait and surprise your kids with the gift from HomeShop18’s Kids Zone.

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