It’s time for Friday Premier!!

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We all wait for Friday’s…some to catch up on a new movie in theaters, some to meet friends and some to relax after the hectic week. So Friday does play an important part in our lives and someone rightly called it, ‘TGIF’. To add excitement to your Friday’s, HomeShop18 worked hard to bring to you our newest property called ‘Friday Premier’.

Yes, ‘Friday Premier’ – a weekly feature from 7-8 pm on HomeShop18 TV channel launches a new product at a discounted price for all our customers. Unbelievable as it may seem, but every Friday a new product from across different categories is up for grabs. It really can’t get more exciting than this. The products will be available on as well as, mobile app for customers on the go.

The products are selected after a lot of research so that the best product from the many choices is made available to you every week. Keep an eye on the special section to get a detailed demonstration of the product by our expert anchors, enabling you to make an informed choice. These products come from leading brands and will ensure on making your weekend exciting with its quality as well as, the savings.

Releasing today is the Rico Food Factory with a 6 in 1 food processor that allows you to knead, shred, chop/mince, slice and juice conveniently. Generally, cooking a delicious meal is not painstaking, the preparation process is. But with the international standard ergonomic design Rico brings for you, making food for your family and friends become fun. The extra sharp and long lasting blades, make sure you enjoy the same performance even after using the efficient multi-tasking food processor for years. So, bring home your kitchen buddy today. Order it at the Friday Premier because the offer is not worth a miss.


Thank God it’s FRIDAY!

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