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You’ve seen me dazzle, shine and jewel with you. You’ve even seen me get you the latest apparels, beauty products and accessories. And today, I share with you another aspect of HomeShop18, that some of you wouldn’t even have thought of. So fasten your seat belts as I, your host, dost and Jewellery Expert takes you to the behind the scene journey as well as, share some teasers of HomeShop18.

Have you thought of what all goes behind the perfectly shot shows that you see on HomeShop18 shopping channel every day? Let me start by telling you a little bit about how we work to get you the best products and awesome deals each day.

It starts with a talented team that helps in getting the latest products for you. Then comes the role of the people who make the shows come to action-the directors and producers, giving a different look for each show on your favourite shopping channel. Then comes our turn, the anchors, your one-stop shopping friends. We give you the best advice, tips and showcase the look or the product features so that you can take an informed decision.

Having been part of everything, I can vouch that the effort and endeavour to bring a smile on your faces is our priority. The exclusive launches, newest trends and properties that offer the latest products at the best value is all for you. Be it Today’s Special Offer (TSO), Jewellery Special, or Digital Hour, every show has been designed JUST for you.

Oh! ya, I have some secrets to share with you, the latest buzz at HomeShop18…it’s for a new show that will revolutionize shopping and make your festive season even better (shhhhh can’t tell you everything right now, you’ve got to wait for it!).

But don’t be too intrigued, here are some hints for you to know that it is worth the wait:

  • It has NEVER been done before by any television shopping channel in India
  • It gets bigger and grander
  • It’s for the Trendy & ‘Diva’licious
  • It’s just SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS – simply put, it’s just extraordinarily good 🙂

Curious? Keep an eye on this space as we announce this property soon, very soon.

I’m sure you all will look forward to it. You have incessantly showered your love for all our earlier initiatives and we hope to make this one big too.

Thank you for all your love!

And now we are ready to take off for the behind the scene journey. Enjoy!

Behind the scene

Anchors, Producers & Cameraperson!


Having fun with the kids!

Behind the Scene-1

Graphics Team; Ipshita & Me with our lifeline, the stylist!

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  • crazora October 12, 2015, 11:26 AM

    Homeshop18 is really great site ! i really like items which are available on this site !

  • Aanama October 9, 2015, 5:47 PM

    Homeshop18 is the best fashion store among all. I read all posts of Homeshop18 and learn something from them always.