Staying warm this winter with HomeShop18!

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Winters is a time to enjoy the outdoors, the terrace parties and make those delicious hot sizzling dishes to keep you warm. However, all this is fun only when you are warm enough to take the weather head-on. Today, I, Neha Bandooni, am here to share HomeShop18’s stay warm tips so that you enjoy the season as much as I do-

Wear inner layers

The easiest way to stay warm during peak winters is by adding an inner layer of clothing that sticks to your body. This will keep you cosy without the need of multi-layering yourself. So get those leggings, thermals, camisoles and a thermal shirt and keep the chilly winds at bay. Check out HomeShop18’s collection here.









Wear warm clothes

It is important to choose your warm layers wisely. Fleece is a popular fabric, but it doesn’t protect you from harsh winters.. So, consider options made out of wool, lined leather or neoprene. These materials will ensure you enjoy the outdoors without shivering. So, stay warm & trendy with HomeShop18’s extensive collection of wool clothes, available in different colors and styles that will make you look trendy.

sweater (2) Sweater









Protect every part

I’m sure you must have heard quite a few times from your loved ones, cover yourself or you’ll catch a cold. Well, rightly so! The easiest way to fall prey to winter weather is by exposing your head and feet. So a must have for every winters is the scarves, caps and boots. I would also suggest a warm muffler around the neck, its both stylish as well as, protects you from cold winds. All these help increase the temperature of your body and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

boots muffler







Drink Something Hot

If you feel very old in winters then just make sure you are drinking warm water, tea, coffee or soups at regular intervals. This will boost your body temperature and make you feel better. So keep the hot mug or kettle and keep yourself warm with you.

kettle mug










Keep your house insulated

Make sure there are no gaps or windows that allow cool air to enter into your house. Cover them with curtains and spread a carpet so as to not expose your feet to cold surface. You can also switch on the room heater to stay warm or lay in your blanket to keep cosy.

carpet shutterstock_121844236









Just follow these simple yet efficient stay warm tips from HomeShop18 and keep yourself warm through the chilly season.

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