Put Your Best Foot Forward with Snazzy Sneakers

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Be it the car we drive or the shoes we wear, most of us want things that speak about us, besides serving the purpose for which they are made. When it comes to men’s casual shoes, one of the most versatile options you can have in your wardrobe is sneakers, which are a comfortable and trendy choice, suitable for various occasions and purposes. Sneakers come in a number of material options, such as leather, textile and synthetic, besides being available in endless designs. To help you make the right pick from the countless options available on the market, this post discusses some of the most popular types and designs of sneaker, along with some buying tips. Read on.


From super clean and sporty stripes  strictly meant for sports to elegant leather ones for parties, sneakers are available in various types.


Basic type of sneakers involve canvas shoes that are available in all the basic colors such as black, brown, and green. They blend with every attire from chinos to denim. You can wear basic sneakers with gingham shirts, print t-shirts, and even a blazer.


Most people like classic sneakers for their variety of color choices. Better known as hip-hop kicks, classic sneakers complement loose t-shirts, slim- and tapered-fit denim to colorful chinos.


As the name goes, these type of sneakers are designed for gymming, running, and other sports. Pair them with slim chinos such as the elastic variation ones; however, avoid them with loose fitting jeans.


Low Top

Low top sneakers have low-cut design that don’t cover your ankles. These types of sneakers provide a proportionate and dynamic look to the wearer’s personality. They look best with semi-formal outfits such as a blazer.

High Top

High top sneakers, in contrast to low top, cover your ankle. They were initially designed for basketball, tennis, and other sports activities. They look cool over denims and trench coat. Roll up any extra denim length to ensure it doesn’t cover the accessory.

Slip On

Slip-ons are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear casual shoes you can have in your wardrobe. They are light, without laces, and an ideal accessory for walking and jogging, among other activities.

Tips to Buy and Wear

Match Your Wardrobe

As they always say, buy a new accessory keeping in mind what you already have in your wardrobe. Therefore, if you come across a cool pair of sneakers, don’t just pick them right away. First, think if they match your cloth collection.

Don’t Mistake for “Dress Shoes”

Sneakers are versatile and blend almost with all attires. However, they are not meant for every occasion. Wear them with a few casual, unstructured suits, but never with professional attire.

Keep them Spick-and-span

Keep your sneakers spick-and-span to get their best look. This means you should regularly wash the laces and brush the outsoles.

There’s More!

Be it sneakers or any other thing, we all expect the products we buy to match our specific needs. Recognizing the fact that no two people are alike  Homeshop18 carries an exhaustive range of high-quality sneakers in diverse fabrics, fits, and designs. So, no matter what you are looking for, we are sure you will find more than a few options satisfying all of your prerequisites. How you will resist the temptation to buy all suitable matches, that is something we leave to you to handle! If you have any questions about any of the casual shoes for men listed with us, fill out our contact contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you, shortly.



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