5 Areas to Focus on when Buying Curtains Online

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Curtains Online

Shopping curtains online can be an overwhelming experience, given the abundance of variety in the market – from style, pattern, to fabric and color – you are spoilt for choice and may end up purchasing something that looks good, but not “great” for your decor. It is therefore, important that you take the right steps to buy the best curtains for your interiors. In this blog post, we discuss five important factors to consider when shopping curtains.

1. Fabric and Texture

How well curtains function and hold up over time depends on the fabric used in making them. Polyester, and cotton sateen, for instance, are quite durable fabrics. Polyester curtains are resistant to stretching, shrinking, abrasion, and wrinkles, making them ideal for families with children and pets. When it comes to choosing an ideal texture, pay attention to the mood of the target room. Consider the kind of ambience you are looking to bring out. Heavy silk or velvet curtains are great for formal rooms, with the downside being the material may not fold crisply. On the other hand curtains made from materials that are too light, may not fall well.

2. Length

The type of style you wish to lend to the room is influenced by the length of curtains used. Here are two options:

Just Touching the Floor

In this style, the curtains just kiss the floor, providing a classic and tailored look. Choosing this length is best if you’d be opening and closing the curtains a lot.

Touching with a Slight Break

Slight break means the curtains extend onto the floor by one to three inches. The style is trendy and provides a relaxed look and feel to the room.


The furniture or fixtures near the target window is another important factor to consider when deciding on the length of curtains. For instance, you may require shorter curtains behind a couch or above the sink.

3. Lining

Lined curtains offer distinct advantages over unlined curtains. First, they help drastically limit the passage of light, enabling you to create a dark and cool atmosphere. Secondly, curtains with linings protect the fabric from damage, extending their life. Curtain lining also lends a more luxurious feel to the curtains. When looking for maximum light blockage, durability, and insulation, go for interlined curtains.

4. Color

Deciding on an appropriate color is often confusing due to the endless options. The simple rule to follow is if your room receives lots of light, avoid bright curtains, as they will fade faster – unless you frequently change them. Stick to neutral colors, as they easily match with any decor, making them a safe option. Pick curtains that are a few shades darker than the shade of your walls; however, ensure they don’t dominate the decor.

5. Tiebacks

Whether you’re shopping curtains online or in store, it is easy to ignore tiebacks. Tiebacks help you easily manage curtains, especially when it comes to cleaning the floor around them. A tieback also provides a formal look and helps lend more light to the room. The style and pattern varies, from simple fabric tiebacks to fancy ropes with tassels. The easiest way to match a tieback and curtain is to purchase curtains that come with tiebacks. For instance, this JARS Collections 11 Pc Door Curtains, Tassel Tieback & Cushion Cover Combo.

Budget is the Biggest Factor!

Most important of all considerations is the budget, as it influences every other decision from the type of rod and fabric to select, and whether you can include tiebacks. Homeshop18 has a wide variety of online curtain shopping options to help you buy the best curtains that match your decor, style, budget, and other parameters. To learn more about our selection or shop curtains online, feel free to get in touch with our support desk by filling out our contact form, and one of our executives will get back to you, shortly.

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