5 Expert Tips to Care For Your Curtains

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Curtains protect your privacy from prying eyes, uplift the aesthetics of your home interior, and are one of the first things guests notice about your home decor. Opting for stylish contemporary curtains helps create a positive impact and ambience. At HomeShop18, we provide different types of curtains and also cater to shoppers looking for discount on curtains available online. We  can help you choose the best style according to your style and decor theme. Curtains, like other furnishings, accumulate dirt with time and are exposed to the elements that can reduce their service life. Improperly maintained curtains lend a shabby look to your home and fail to serve their purpose. To help, we discuss some handy maintenance tips to make sure your curtains last long. Take a look.  

1. Wash Carefully

Read the washing instructions carefully and remove all hardware such as hooks before washing. If the curtain has netting, soak it in a mixture of detergent and water and leave for 30 minutes. If doubtful about washing instructions, try spot testing using detergent and cold water. You must, however, avoid using detergents if your curtains include heavy fabric. Machine-wash cotton and linen curtains, and hand wash those made from delicate and expensive material such as silk. If you’re just washing curtains, use a mild detergent.

2. Vacuum At least Once Every Month  

Dust often accumulates in difficult to reach areas such as the folds of your curtains. To clean these areas, use a hand-held vacuum with brush attachment at least once every month. Before using the vacuum, detach embellishments and other delicate items that can get damaged. Remember to clean the edges of your living room curtains thoroughly, as they accumulate dirt from window sills.

3. Dry and Store Properly  

Avoid drying curtains in the sun for too long as it can result in wrinkles. If you are using a dryer, remove the curtains just before they’re completely dry. Store them in a moisture-free place to avoid a pungent smell that often results from improper storage. Before storing the curtains, iron them to avoid avoid excess creasing. When ironing them, turn them inside-out and slide the iron gently over the material.

4. Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkles can impact the look of your curtains and shorten their useful life. To avoid this problem, remove them from the dryer while they’re still damp and re-hang them. If you’re using sheer curtains, dip them in a starch mixture and hang them as this’ll help avoid any damage to the thin and delicate material. You can also dip the curtains (after machine cleaning them) in a mixture of cold water and Epsom salt to avoid wrinkles.

5. Select the Colors Carefully

Exposure to direct sunlight causes curtains to fade over time. To avoid this problem, use light colored curtains in rooms that receive direct sunlight. You can also opt for lined curtains, as their lining protects the inner fabric from damage, making them last longer as compared to dark colored curtains.


Curtains are an important part of your rooms’ furnishings and you must follow these tips to ensure they last long and serve their purpose. When shopping for curtains online, look for usage and maintenance instructions and opt for a provider that offers a warranty. At HomeShop18, we provide discount curtains online, and also offer manufacturer warranty on our products.

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