Looking to Buy Bed Sheets? Read This First!

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Double Bed Sheets

Buying bed sheets may seem easy, but is actually challenging, as it involves several considerations. Starting from the fabric to the length of the bed sheet, you have to take several details into perspective before making a purchase. While most buyers are consumed with the design and style of single or double bed sheets, some fail to pay attention to details that can help them choose bed sheets they can use for a long time. If you have to shop for bed sheets, the blog post is quite beneficial, as it covers several aspects that help you buy bed sheets and ensure their longevity. Take a look.

Consider Thread Length not Thread Count

Most buyers evaluate the quality of the bed sheets on the basis of the thread count, which is improper as thread count is not the key parameter to assess the fabric quality of bed sheets. Instead, focus on the length of the threads used to weave the bed sheets. This is especially true when buying cotton bed sheets. Longer the cotton thread, better is the quality of the cotton used to weave the bed sheets.

Dry with a Tennis Ball to Get a Fluffy Feel

Have your current bed sheets lost their fluffiness? One of the key reasons for this is that the bed sheets come out all twisted from the dryer. A way to overcome this problem is to run the dryer when only half full as the bedsheet will have room to get fluffed up. Another trick to ensure this doesn’t happen with your new set of bed sheets is to toss a couple of clean tennis balls into the dryer with bed sheets and they will have a fluffy and fresh feel.

Ironing Isn’t Essential for a Wrinkle-free Look

Twisting of the bed sheets results in wrinkles and many homeowners iron them to make them wrinkle-free. You do not have to iron the single or double bed sheet for wrinkle-free look. Pull the bed sheet out of the dryer and while it’s still warm, directly put it on the bed.

Avoid Making Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed every morning results in moisture and shed dead cells getting trapped in the bed, making it a sweet spot for breeding of bacteria. Experts, therefore, advise against making bed every morning. This means, every morning you should strip your bed of blankets and allow the bed sheet to dry during the day and get rid of the moisture.

Keep a Couple of Extra Bed Sheets

It is important to have extra bed sheets in the closet, so that you can change the one sprawled over your bed whenever you feel it’s dirty. You should ideally have 3 bed sheets per bed, out of which one will always be sprawled over your bed, one will be in closet will the third one is still in the laundry. So, next time when you shop for bed sheets online for your home, keep the ‘magic number’ 3 in mind.

The Bottom Line

These pointers go a long way in ensuring you buy the perfect bed sheets that will serve you for years. If you are considering buying bed sheets online, look no further than HomeShop18. We are a one-stop store for home essentials where you can buy bed sheets, kitchen utensils, dinner sets, home appliances, and a plethora of other products at pocket friendly prices. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience and pay using your Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, EMI, Wallets, or get Cash On Delivery. If you face any challenges during your shopping experience, get in touch with our support team.

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