5 Economical Decor Ideas for Your Abode

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Home makeover doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Even the simplest ideas could have a big impact on the aura of your home, provided you know how to implement them in the right way. All it takes is little creativity and an insight to what’s trending to add instant style and glamour to any décor without splurging. If you are planning a DIY home makeover this summer, we list five home décor ideas that would cost little to nothing.

1. Amplify the Space

A well-placed mirror has the power to expand tight spaces and make the room appear bigger. Placing a mirror in living space or bedroom is a classic interior décor trick that creates instant square footage, virtually anywhere in the house. HomeShop18 has an extensive collection of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. So, finding that one piece that goes with the décor of the home would not be difficult.

2. Light Up Jugs and Bottles

This inexpensive idea is a favorite of home décor experts. If the collection of glass jugs and bottles is not getting due attention in kitchen, it’s time to turn them into illuminating conversation pieces. Fill them with LED lights, and hang them in the corner of the room or place them over the table.

3. Paint the Entrance Door

An easy and low-cost way to grace the exterior of the house is to paint the entrance door in an unexpected shade. A bright shade of yellow or pastel green would accentuate the curb appeal of the house and make the entrance more inviting.

4. Refresh the Bathroom

Start with adding a new coat of paint to brighten up the bathroom. The next is to replace the boring shower curtain with a more edgy option with bright prints and geometric patterns. Clear the countertop and keep only the prettiest essentials for the luxe effect. You can also have flowers and scented candles in the bathroom.

5. Change the Cushions

When you are aiming for a budget makeover, buying a new sofa is out of question. A smart alternative is to change the cushions to glam up the old design. You can go for oversized rectangular cushions or throw pillows that are available at online home décor shopping sites. Changing the covers instead of the entire cushion is another way to change the look of the sofa without spending a lot of money.

Closing Lines

Innovative ideas are all that you need to turn a house into a home. Try to repurpose what is already there in the house, and for the rest, you can turn to HomeShop18 – one of the leading home décor online shopping websites in India. We carry a wide range of handicrafts, bathroom fixtures, cushion covers, wall decals and other décor items to help you manifest your dream home.

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