5 Tips to Preserve the Shine and Newness of Fashion Jewellery

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Girls love fashion jewellery because they are stylish and affordable. From women jewellery online stores to local shops, you will find a wide range of designer fashion jewellery to compliment your style and attire. These accessories, however, tend to lose their shine, if not preserved rightly. It is important that you take good care of fashion jewellery, so that it stays in your accessories box for many more years. In this blog post, we list five tips to preserve the shine and newness of fashion jewellery. Read on.

1. Keep it Dry and Clean

Keeping the jewellery dry and clean preserves its luster. Whether you are wearing earrings, ring, necklace or any other accessory, don’t expose it to lotion, perfume, cream or even water, as these can accelerate tarnishing. Remove the jewellery before applying perfume, cream or even when taking a bath.

2. Wear It Occasionally

Fashion jewellery isn’t supposed to be worn on a daily basis, as this could lead to discoloration. Save these pretty, delicate pieces for parties, celebrations and other special occasions. If you want an everyday wear jewellery, opt for gold pieces.

3. Don’t Coat it

The coating could change the color and appearance of the jewellery. It could also lead to chipping of silver or gold plating on the jewellery. Since it is important to clean and wipe jewellery so that it doesn’t leave green traces on the skin, you can apply a coat of clear nail polish on the inside of the jewellery to protect it.

4. Remove When Not in Use

Do not go to sleep with the fashion jewellery on, as this could tarnish, damage or break the beautiful and delicate piece. Besides this, it can also scratch or leave color on your skin. Remove the jewellery when exercising as sweating tends to increase the chemical reaction between the acidity of skin and metal.

5. Clean After Use

It is a handy tip to keep the jewellery looking its best. Though cleaning after you wear it could be a laborious task, it will increase the life of the jewellery. Wipe the jewellery with a cloth to remove sweat and product residues that could lead to oxidation. Do not use vinegar, alcohol or products that contain acid, as these could damage the jewellery.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the above-listed tips, always keep the jewellery safely in a box to prevent it from any scratch, damage or breakage. HomeShop18 has a beautiful range of wooden jewellery box in different sizes and designs. Besides this, you must check out our collection of women jewellery online. Buy from HomeShop18 and get stylish accessories at discounted prices.

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