10th Anniversary Special: Ten Reasons Why HomeShop18 Never Disappoints

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Ten years ago in 2008, HomeShop18 was established as a 24-hour TV shopping channel. An instant hit in thousands of Indian households, it ventured further and expanded operations by first launching an e-commerce website in January 2011, and then a mobile app in August 2013.

While it was your love of shopping that drew you towards us, it was a host of other reasons that kept you hooked for #10HappyYears. Today, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, here’s a closer look at all the things that make us your favored shopping destination.

1. Lowest Prices: Over the last 10 years, we have made offering the best of products at the lowest of prices our favorite habit.

2. Best Quality: Since our inception, we’ve always been committed to the promise of 10/10 quality. Here’s hoping that we continue to uphold that promise.

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3. Range of Products: With over 9000 products under 8 categories, we have clearly spoiled you for choice. Shop now, thank us later!

4. Ease of Access: Letting you shop at ease has been our foremost priority, which is why you can now make purchases through three widely accessible mediums – live TV, website and mobile app.

5. Better Rewards: When you shop with us, you invariably get a lot more than you’d bargained for. Don’t believe us? Shop now and get loyalty bonus worth 1000 rupees.

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6. Wider Reach: After spending 10 years in the business of spreading 10x happiness, we now deliver to over 3,000 locations across 24,000 postal codes.

7. Great Offers: Here’s to all the times that our perfect-10 offers have made you rub your eyes in disbelief! We promise to keep them coming.

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8. Timely Delivery: Be it a solitary tee shirt or a huge shipment of household appliances, we take the promise of on-time delivery very seriously.

9. Better Customer Care: From addressing concerns to resolving problems, we’ve been successful for #10HappyYears because we’ve met your customer service expectations time and again.

10. Bigger Returns: From free delivery coupons to zero shipping, we’ve always pampered our shoppers with attractive returns on every purchase.

Come; celebrate the 10/10 feeling!

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