10 Footwear Every Fashionista-in-the-making Should Own

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We understand how tempting it is to splurge on a hot pair of heels – a black, a red, a gold – basically, one for every dress.
Needless to say, we all are guilty of hoarding the same kind of shoes just because we are head over heels about their style. This is where most of us go wrong.

Ideally, you should have a versatile shoe collection so that you have a pick for every occasion. Here in this article, we will have a look at 10 kinds of female footwear that every woman must own.

1. Basic ballet flats
When in doubt, always slip on ballet flats. The best part about them is their versatility. Just polish them and you are ready to go.
What’s more? They equally compliment the casual or classy look. Wear them with jeans, or skirts – they set the style statement.

2. Black Sandals
Black sandals are a magical footwear which can help you look well-dressed during the day, and make heads turn at a night party.
This is perhaps why no shoe collection is ever complete without a pair of black sandals.

3. High on Heels
We are already head-over-heels in love with high heels. They come in a range of eye catching patterns, right from animal prints to intricate, vibrant colors.
A well-chosen pair of heels can not only accentuate your whole look, but also lift up your mood on the go!

4. Slip-on Sneakers
Too lazy to pick up a shoe for your dress? Rely on sneakers and you can never go wrong! A cute pair of sneakers can add style to your look, in addition to providing comfort.
Have a girls’ day out, or sudden trekking plans? A pair of sneakers wont disappoint you at all!

5. Ankle Boots
If you have not yet bought a pair of ankle boots, do it now! Ankle boots can spice up your entire look. This is perhaps why they are always a trusted by celebrities as well. Add them to your airport style, or when going for street-side shopping – either way, these boots will serve the purpose.

6. Summer Wedges
Looking for a footwear specially meant for summer? Look no further than summer wedges! They are not only easy to walk in, but also look great when worn with denim and casual shorts.
What’s more? They provide enough ventilation to your foot, thus making sure that your feet don’t feel the summer heat!

7. Classic Pumps
Have a meeting during the day and a party to attend at night? Simply, put your foot inside a classic pair of pumps and you are sorted for the day. A pair of polished pumps not only provides a chic look, but also speak positively about your personality.

8. Simple Sandals
Having a great pair of simple sandals is a must! They are a much cooler alternative to flip flops, and look more polished and positive.
Make sure that you have a perfect pair of sandals with some details you can slip your feet happily into. Sandals with a studded finish and dynamic colors are a big YES!

9. Metallic Sandals
If you are a party animal, metallic sandals are a must-have. Whether bought in gold or in silver tone, a sexy pair of metallic sandals is enough to look glamorous in a party. However, make sure that your metallic sandals are comfortable with a soft sole and supportive straps so that you don’t trip while dancing!

10. Knee boots
Knee boots are a perfect accessory, especially for winter. It doesn’t matter if you are heading on to the mountains or riding a horse, a flat knee boot would protect your feet from the chilly winds, while also keeping you stylish.

Over to You
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Happy shopping!

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