5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own For Their Functionality

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Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world! How apt!

Choosing the right shoes is important, and even more important for girls. The reason – you won’t like to pair your ethnic dress with a pair of loafers. Would you? (Yes, if you are Deepika Padukone, for we know she can pull of any look confidently!)

The bottom line here is that it is very important to choose the right pair of shoes that work for every occasion. Here is a list of 5 types of shoes every woman must own, no matter what (so that you don’t end up wearing the wrong shoes)!

Classic black heals
One thing that every woman must own is a pair of classic black heels. Whether you need to attend a family gathering or an office function, a classic pair of black heels can be a perfect choice.

Apart from giving your dress a complete look, they look perfectly great with an evening dress or a beautiful short dress or a pair of jeans alike. In all, you can pair them with almost any dress when you want to look classy and beautiful.

Whether it is about a night-out with friends or just a walk around the mall, a good pair of sneakers can easily fulfill your needs of a comfortable footwear. What’s even greater about sneakers is that they don’t need to match exactly with your clothing. Just mix and match the look and you are good to go.

Women dress shoes
If you are a working woman, then there are not many footwear choices for you while you are in office. Most offices and companies generally define a dress code for working women. This makes it mandatory to have a good pair of women dress shoes that look perfect and at the same time are comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.

Rain boots
Rain boots are also an essential pair to have, especially for the rainy season. The least thing that you would expect is having to wear your sophisticated pair of heels on muddy roads. So, instead of searching for an old pair of slippers to go out in the rain, we suggest you invest in a pair of durable rain boots that would not only help you enjoy the rain to the fullest, but also will keep your feet safe in the rainy season.

Comfortable flats
Flat shoes or sandals are best for traveling and for occasions when you want to enjoy full comfort. This is perhaps why they are very popular among office-goers and travelers. The best part of flats is that they can be worn for a longer time without tiring your feet.

So, here you have it. These five types of shoes you should definitely own in order to be ready for every occasion, regardless of the time and situation. If you are looking to add these to your collection, you can buy women shoes online on HomeShop18.

Which one is your favorite pick? Do let us know in the comments below!

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