Artificial Jewellery and the Trends

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Thankfully, jewellery trends keep on changing. Or else, it would become so boring and tedious to keep wearing the same jewellery, time and again. No?

So, what’s up for this season? As of this year, women are leaning more towards distinct and personal jewellery choices. Pearls and statement jewelry is going to be a hit.

What else? Let’s find out more in this article.

• Love for pearls
Well, technically speaking, pearls never went out of the style. But, now they are even more pronounced. This year, Baroque pearls would steal the headlines from the round pearls.

Additionally, heavy pearl jewellery would be a go-to for traditional events.

• Brooch is back
Runways this year witnessed the comeback of the brooch. And no, not in the traditional aspect, but feel inspired to pin bejeweled brooches on your denim jackets too!

• Statement jewelry needs no introduction
Statement jewellery has always been instrumental in imparting a bold look on the go and this year would be no different. Flaunt oversized earrings on your otherwise boring outfits, whether traditional or western and pull off a boho-chic look.

• Chain drop earrings are the new go-to
Chain drop earrings are the new favourites of fashion designers. They definitely look flattering. Thus, no matter, you drape a saree or adorn that ripped jeans – grab a pair of chain drop earrings and look glam!

• Studs are back with a bang!
Studs were always the favourites of women who loved minimal jewellery. But, now they are been preferred by others as well, all thanks to their different variants with a large ruby and sapphire studded setting.

• Chokers are here to stay
Chokers were a highlight in 2017, and are expected to stay in 2018 as well! The best part of chokers is that they complement your face without adding much drama.

• Boho is still a hit
Girls cannot get over with boho and this madness for boho style is sure to stay this year as well. Headbands with ribbons, laces, flowers, and various chains are going to define the femininity in 2018 too!

• No space for lazy looks
One of the biggest jewellery trends in 2018 is to look stylish and accessorize yourself. No matter if you are heading to a beach, but accessorizing yourself with some funky jewellery and adding a zing to your whole look is a must!

• Layered necklaces are the big yes!
We are completely crushing over the layered necklaces which are layered one over the other. Generally, such necklaces have a choker necklace as a base and then they have chains hung down in semicircles. It looks extremely trendy and refreshing!

• Large uncut gems
Yes, flaunting large rough gemstones in necklaces, bracelets, and rings is a trend this year. Thus, if you have any, exhibit them out!

Wrapping Up
This sums up the major artificial jewelry trends for the year 2018. Did we miss anything that you think should be talked about? Write to us in the comments below!

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