Choosing the Right Type of Earrings

A girl can never have enough pair of earrings, can we? Well, all our dresses demand a matching pair, and no, we don’t want to repeat them with other dresses, right?

However, as important as it is to keep yourself updated with the latest and trendy earrings, it is even more important to pick the right types of earrings.

So, what all should be kept in mind to make sure that your chosen earrings accentuate your face’s features? Let’s check out.

• Your face shape
The shape of your face plays an important role while choosing an earring. If you have an oval face, it is highly recommended to go for drop earrings, danglers, and chandelier earrings. The idea here is to wear long earrings.

Similarly, if you have a long shaped face, go for short drops and studs to create an illusion of a wide face. For round-faced girls, you should wear long earrings to elongate your face.

• Material
From metal to tassels, imitation earrings come in a range of materials. Additionally, you can also choose to go for pure and authentic material like silver, gold, diamond and the like.

If you are planning to buy pure gold earrings, then remember to buy them from a trusted place that sells certified jewellery. Try buying precious metal earring for the family occasions, and find a good quality imitation jewellery for the casual and daily usage.

• Length
Another important point to keep in mind while purchasing a new earring is the length of ornament in comparison with your face. No doubt, the long earrings are in trend and look great, but as we already discussed, long earrings do not suit every face. So, instead of just picking the long earrings make sure that they are in good proportion with your face and enhances the overall look of your attire.

• Occasion
It goes without saying that should your dress yourself in line with the occasion. Flaunting long chandelier earrings while on a business meeting is not recommended. When going to a professional event, keep your earrings simple and minimal. You can choose to go for studs or small hoops.

When your professional day is over, you can relax and embrace a more open style.

Make a Right Choice
Thus, keep these points in mind while purchasing a new pair of earrings for yourself. A right pair of earrings not only looks beautiful but also blends well with your face.

So, next time when you are out for purchasing the new earrings, make sure to keep these points in mind and choose an earring that suits your personality and budget.

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