Evolution of Gold in Fashion

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Gold is considered as one of the most precious and auspicious metals, and the real wealth of a woman. Although costly, every woman wants to have an amazing collection of gold jewellery.

Come to think of it, gold, gold jewellery, in particular, has come a long way since the time it was mostly worn by the royals.
In this article, we will have a look at the journey of gold so far!

• Jewellery for Royals

Gold jewellery dates back to the era of Indian royals when the Maharajas and Maharanis of India used to wear this metal to indicate their wealth and clan.

Talking about the design, the jewellery at those times used to have a unique royal design and elegance with meenakari work.

• Filigree design

Filigree design came into existence somewhere at the end of 19th century and was popular in the regions of South India. This unique design used thin wires of gold bound together to make a lace-like structure that looked as great as solid gold jewellery.

Due to the use of thin wires, this jewellery used lesser gold and was less expensive than the normal jewellery.

Even today, this techniqueis used to make lightweight gold jewellery. So, if you could find them in local stores or find such gold necklace online shopping, we would suggest you to try them to please yourself with the ancient technique of gold jewellery making.

• Bridal jewellery

Today, gold ewellery is amust for Indian weddings. .Whether it is big fat Indian wedding or just a wedding ceremony for a middle-class family, wedding jewellery is synonymous with the gold jewellery. Gold jewellery earrings and a gold neck chain are considered as the essentials for the bride and have been a part of Indian tradition.

Needless to say, gold jewellery is a lot more advanced these days. Designs have come a long way from being traditional to modern and minimal. Additionally, a few years back, gold jewellery was only limited to brick stores, which is not the case now.

Today, you can shop gold jewellery online at the comfort of your home and still be assured about its authenticity.

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