5 Features to Look for When Choosing the Trimmer

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Men don’t like grooming – this is one of the biggest lies ever circulated. Men do and must love grooming themselves. And it is not about being impressive to someone; it is about being impressive to yourself.

When it comes to beards, men love them. Men love to take care of their beards and yes! Beard is a new love. A well-groomed beard makes everyone go gaga over them and men love it when someone compliments the same.

Whether you are already a proud owner of your luscious beard or you are trying to grow one, trimmers are quite essential in that matter. You have to be really choosy while buying your first trimmer.

There are plenty of options available when you are buying the best trimmer for men, but here 5 features that you must pay attention to. They are:

1. Brand
Of course, the brand matters. Good brands will give you better performances. However, if you are choosing to opt for a non-branded trimmer, that might not be a good idea.

Branded trimmers don’t only give you quality services, they also provide you with safety measures. Moreover, they do the job properly and faster than other non-branded trimmers.

A lot of men tend to opt for non-branded trimmers because they are relatively cheaper than the branded ones. But that is just a misconception. Do not compromise with quality just for a few rupees.

There are branded trimmers that come at a very cheap price. The Philips trimmer cheap price is a great example here.

2. Quality
This goes without saying – choose a beard trimmer that is going to last long. And for that, it is highly recommended to choose a model made with stainless steel blades. However, also look for a proper grip in the trimmer so that you don’t have to deal with any accidental slips.

When it comes to cord or cordless trimmers, this completely depends on your preferences. This might also depend on whether or not you have a power socket in the bathroom. If you are someone who travels a lot, you should choose the cordless trimmers.

3. The Length Option
Another important thing to keep in mind while buying a trimmer is the length option of the blades. The beard trimmers mostly come with adjustable combs which can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

Such trimmers can be really helpful if you love flaunting different styles with different lengths.

There are precision trimmers with smaller extra blades and those are often attached to the trimmer itself. You can simply twist them and join them in the main blade.

4. Type of Trimming
Different men have different trimming preferences. While some prefer before and after shower trimming, some prefer to trim during the shower time. However, depending on your preferences, you should opt for a trimmer that is made for wet or dry trimming.

But then again, there are a few others who like to switch between the both. If you are one of those, then choose a trimmer that can be used for both dry and wet trimming.

5. Versatility
Trimmers come in different varieties. One of the biggest thing that you should look for in a trimmer is its versatility. If you are someone who is always in a hurry, they should look for trimmers that can be used for both dry and wet shaving. It gives you better groom flexibility, giving you an opportunity to groom yourself wherever you want, whenever you want.

Bottom Line
Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, there are a few other features that you should look for while choosing a trimmer. There are a few trimmers that offer moisture to your skin while trimming. So, grooming and moisturizing go hand in hand.

Apart from that, look for a cleaning station in the trimmer. This ensures that the shaving head of the trimmer is free from any build ups and this would normally boost its lifespan.

These were a few qualities that you should look for in a trimmer? Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below!

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