Tips for Online Furniture and Home Décor Shopping

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Shopping online is easiest. You get to shop in the comfort of your home, for prices lower than the market prices, ease of delivery and what not.

But when it comes to shopping big items like furniture, we are always sceptical about the quality, online frauds or not getting it up to our expectations. Moreover, for bulky items, the return policy, warrantees, and policies are more complicated as compared to buying something less expensive.

But fear not! Everything has its drawbacks. However, buying from a right ecommerce store is a favourable deal. Here are some tips that can help you eliminate all your worries while buying furniture online.

1. Choosing a furniture website
The first step that is involved in online furniture shopping and home décor online shopping is to look for reputed and trusted sites. The Internet is full of websites that can dupe you easily.

To avoid falling prey to such websites, it’s important to do proper research on each and every website where you can find the bestdeals. Some of the points to remember that would help you in your research are:

• The key to identifying a good website is through their about us page. Best online retailers provide complete information about their company’s history, experience in the field and customer reviews. The website should contain addresses and phone numbers to contact too.

• It’s easy to investigate about any site over the internet. There are various online forums that provide honest customer reviews. Though you may find a few bad reviews for every website, a multitude of them should not be ignored.

Google product search is an amazing service which let users review and give rating about the online retailers. You can decide accordingly.

• A flexible return policy is a clear eye opener. Keep a distance from an online retailer with complicated, unclear or no return policy. You need to cut off such options from your list of retailers.

• Shipping policy is another deciding factor in determining a good online retailer. Read the shipping policy carefully before taking any decision. Some of the retailers hike up the shipping cost or charge a handling fee. Make sure you don’t get into one.

2. Choosing furniture pieces
After you decide on the website you will buy furniture from, the next step is to choose the desired furniture and home décor pieces from it. Here are some of the tips that would help you in online furniture shopping:

• Don’t depend solely on the photos given on the website. You can search for the brand name and of the item individually to find all the possible photos.

• Don’t forget to read the description below each furniture piece and examine the details and wordings described there.

• Check the measurements carefully specified, don’t depend on the photos for the size.

• Sometimes the colour of the furniture is slightly different from the actual due to distortion. You can read the reviews for proper insights into the colour of furniture.

3. Pricing decisions
After you decide on the pieces of furniture to buy, the next concern is to pay the right price for it.

• Mostly, you can find the same furniture on different websites; compare the prices of these websites. Note the various costs charged and their bifurcation by different retailers and decide accordingly.

• Wait for the time of sales. Online retailers provide clearance sale, single piece sale on different occasions and in particular months. Buying during sales can also help you in buying affordable furniture.

4. Furniture shipping options
The last concern is the shipping method as there are myriad of options provided.

• There is front door delivery where the delivery driver will drop off your furniture on the first floor or on the gate of your house.

• In case of inside delivery, the delivery driver will drop off your furniture to the inside of the house even if it involves moving through stairs or not.

• White glove delivery is an inside delivery plus it also involves unpacking and setting up your furniture wherever asked.

These were some of the tips on online furniture shopping and home décor shopping. If you are also looking to shop the furniture online, simply visit HomeShop18 and get best prices!

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  • Amanda June 14, 2018, 12:00 PM

    Great tips! I love online shopping. These are the best tips for online furniture and home decor. I really like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.