9 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Lenovo Mobile Phones

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Lenovo was founded in Beijing in the year 1984. It took over the IBM’s PC business in the year 2005 and became the top PC maker by 2013. The company entered the business of making android mobile phones and window tablets in 2011and began selling them the next year. It also acquired the Motorola mobility from Google in the year 2014.

Android mobiles

The company has recently opened a dedicated online-only smartphone sub brand called Zuk in China. The latest mobile launched by Lenovo is A5. The abundance of features, great sound, attractive user interface, something new always at astonishing Lenovo mobile phone prices, Lenovo smartphones are always to crave for.  Here are some of the reasons why you should buy Lenovo smartphones over others.

  1. Dolby Atmos speakers

One of the striking features of the Lenovo smartphones are the twin Dolby Atmos speakers. They are one-of-its-kind with extensive and rich sound quality. Gain a next level experience of watching videos, video chats, music, and games with enhanced audio that stirs up the world around you. It is one of the foremost reasons Lenovo android mobile phones have the advantage over other smartphones.

  1. Fast, reliable and responsive

Most lenovo android smartphones run on Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core processors that provide seamless multiple running of activities in a go. Lenovo smartphones are the perfect blend of both performance and power. With high quality RAM inside, it does everything in a blow which enables the finest experience in handling tasks with no interruptions.

  1. Impressive display

The display of Lenovo mobiles is made with the view to provide theatre experience of watching movies, videos with sharper, brighter, vibrant and quality images. The new feature added to latest model is the IPS i.e. the in-plane switching enables automatic switching up to 180 degree wide angle views perfect for sharing the screen with friends.

  1. Expandable storage

Lenovo smartphones come with expandable storage i.e. memory storage capacity can be increased further in addition to the internal storage with the help of a microSD card.

  1. Cameras

No smartphone can be called the best without a quality front and rear camera. In the world of selfies, the front camera is actually given more priority than the rear camera. Not compromising with the demands of our customers, Lenovo android smartphones are equipped with HD quality cameras which provider clearer, brighter and sharp colored images. The led flash at the rear adds to the stream of great pictures.

  1. 4G, connectivity with dual SIM

4G connectivity is a must in any smartphone now-a-days. Lenovo smartphones support high speed (LTE) 4G data network. Further, most Lenovo smartphones have a dual SIM slot which eliminates the problem of keeping two mobiles when you out of town or country.

  1. Powerful battery

The battery is another criterion people usually consider while buying a smartphone. They usually look for long lasting battery hours of their mobile. Keeping in the mind the customers’ demands, Lenovo smartphone’s battery is made powerful so that our user can enjoy the uninterrupted experience in calling, watching videos and video calls on their smartphone. Also, new models have an added feature of swappable battery so that you can swap the fully- charged one with the drained one.

  1. Android version

All the new models of Lenovo android mobile phones are interfaced with latest Android version i.e. lollipop. One can enjoy all the benefits of new android version can be easily updated to the next version (if launched).

  1. Color options

The color options in Lenovo are always unique and alluring. The color ranges from metallic grey, graphite grey, champagne gold, platinum silver to vary others as per the model. The body of Lenovo smartphones are to die for is one of the reasons why Lenovo android mobile phone should be preferred over others.

Wrapping Up

We are here to show you the right path, though the power of efficient decision making always lies with you. We hope you weigh your needs, desires, and budget and take decision accordingly.

Lenovo Mobile Phones

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