Choosing Eye Makeup: Eye Pencils and Kajals

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Eyes should be such to drown in! Possibilities to make this happen are endless from diffident eye makeup during the daytime, dramatic for a party look, subtle for professional work, smokey eyes to classic tones or a tinge of colour tone. Choosing right eye pencils and kajal for the right eye makeup is essential.


Here are tips you should follow and consider while choosing eye makeup:

  1. Prefer organic cosmetics

From a past few years, the demand for organic products has seemingly increased due to the presence of natural ingredients and people becoming more health conscious. From food to clothing, want for organic products is high and so thus in cosmetics now.

Organic cosmetics should be preferred as they are less harmful to skin, eyes, and hair. There are various companies who sell organic kohls and eye pencils, you can search for the best online and buy accordingly.

  1. Look for genuine products

Now-a-days there are many quality brands selling genuine cosmetic products like kajals and eye pencils and what not. The thing to consider before choosing any eye makeup is your skin type.

One can also prefer asking for eye makeup products testing kits from the beauty products dealer and beauty salon. They can better judge your skin type and suggest you accordingly. Approach a salon you have trust on as those who prefer specific company’s products usually work on commission. Make sure their opinion is not guided by personal monetary benefits.

  1. Test for allergies

It is essential to test any eye makeup on your skin type before buying them. For testing, you have to follow a few steps. In case you are buying a kajal or eye pencil, first rub a small part gently on your forearm and leave it there for an hour.

After an hour, wash it off with normal water and examine any sign of colour change, if any. Moreover, if you are allergic to that makeup product, you will experience mild itching or redness in the area where you applied the makeup product. Make sure whenever you are choosing an eye makeup product, test it this way to test the safety of the makeup product.

  1. Know the difference between eye pencil and kajal pencil

Yes, eye pencil and kajal pencil are two different items and not the same. Eye pencils are basically the liners used to enhance your eyes but not good enough to apply on the inner side of your eye. Kajal pencils, on the other hand, are safer enough to be applied on the water line found just above your lower eyelashes.

Eye Pencil

  1. What to choose: kajal pencil or kajal stick

Kajal sticks are not required to be sharpened and thus are never sharp enough. Moreover, they lose their sharpness as used. Kajal pencils, on the other hand, remain sharp enough all the time and can be sharpened, are more travel friendly, available in the number of shades and has little or no plastic in them.

  1. Automatic pencils or sharpening type

We suggest using sharpening type kajal i.e. kajal pencil instead of automatic pencils. The reasons are:

  • Automatic pencils have relatively less stuff in them than the kajal pencils that are encased within wood or plastic. Automatic pencils have 0.4-0.5g of usable content in them whereas sharpening pencils contains about 1g of it. Sharpening pencils though lead to wastage but still manage to last longer than the automatic pencils.
  • With sharpening pencils, you need to always carry a sharpener as it also provides precision. In automatic pencils, the sharpness will always remain at a low level than sharpening pencils.
  • Moreover, automatic liners may not be convenient for applying all sorts of eye makeup This may be as they are much soft and get plonked. Also, if you prefer makeup cosmetics made up of natural products, finding such automatic pencil is difficult.
  1. Choosing brand

Don’t forget to focus on the brand of the product, durability, softness of the formulation and the shades the eye makeup product is available in.

Eye Makeup

These are some of the points that can help you in choosing the best kajal for eyes and eye pencils. For the best eye makeup collection, visit HomeShop18 today!

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