How to Pack a Travel Grooming Kit

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If you are someone who travels a lot, there are chances that you do not get much time to take care of your skin and hair. Lack of care can make your skin dull and boring and that may have negative affects on your entire personality.

Frequent travelling doesn’t mean that you cannot keep an eye on how you look. All you have to do is carry the right travel grooming kit. Here are a few tips on how to pack a grooming kit for men:

  1. The bag

Find a cheap nylon travel bag to carry your belongings. It needs to be compact enough so that you can carry it effortlessly, and also should be spacious enough so that it can carry all your essential belongings.

The best option for you can be a good leather drop bag; not only because they look classy, but also because they will hold up anything and everything amazingly. The size of the bag, however, depends on you.



  1. Decide what do you need

When you decide to start packing, you need to be sure about what to carry. There will be plenty of options for you – from your trimmer to your shaving cream and moisturizers. However, carry the things which are extremely important to you.

For example, if you are travelling for more than a year, carry your best trimmer for men in India. And if you are travelling for just a day or two, trimmer or shaving cream may not even that important to carry. The decision should be based upon the needs.

  1. Carry a deodorant

One of the most important things to carry while travelling is a deodorant. Remember that roll-on deodorants can leak in the reduced cabin pressure. Therefore, choose a liquid deodorant or a solid stick.

  1. A toothpaste and a toothbrush

Can you live without a toothpaste? Hope not! And probably you may not even find one on the road. Most people tend to forget packing a toothpaste in their travel pack. But this is something you have to keep in your travel kit even if you are travelling for a day or two. Apart from that, the toothbrush should be added to this list too.

  1. Shaving kit

Another important thing to carry on your travel kit is your shaving kit. In that kit, carry Gillette Mach 3 blades, your trimmer, a shaving cream and an after shaving lotion. This is the best kind of shaving kit anyone can carry while travelling. Small, compact and yet useful.



  1. A bathing bar

True that you will find all kinds of essential stuff in the hotel room. But a bathing bar is something that you should not forget to pack in your kit. You may have to need the soap anywhere at any moment.

  1. A comb

Keep your hair tidy and clean wherever you go. Carry a small comb in your travel kit so that your hair doesn’t complain.

  1. Fresh beard oil

Just the way you like to keep your hair shiny and happy, give your beard the same kind of importance. Carry a fresh beard oil so that it can bear the wear and tear of travelling. Taking care of your beard will ensure that you no longer complain about it once you are back from your trip.

  1. A face moisturizer

It is important to keep your skin hydrated while travelling. Carry a face moisturizer while you are travelling. Without a moisturizer, your travelling kit is incomplete.

  1. Shampoos

Whether it is a dry shampoo or a liquid water-based shampoo, carry any of these. While dry shampoo will keep your hair clean during times when you cannot wash your hair with water, a water-based one will be there for you when you want to get rid of all kinds of dirt and pollution.

A travelling kit is very important for you. Apart from keeping the above-mentioned things at your travel kit, you should also keep things like a men’s face wash, nail chippers, safety pins, aspirin, men’s lip balm, extra contact lenses (if you wear any), dental floss, and some digestive meds. This will make your entire travel kit complete.

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