We all look for deals when shopping. Any discount, any coupon, any freebie or just about any offer works. And there’s nothing wrong in it, we say at HomeShop18. Offers are nothing but savings. And we are taught to save at all times. So get ready for the super offer that will excite you to [...]

7th Anniversary celebrations @HomeShop18

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Fun at work! A lot of us would have heard this phrase often and thought, yes, that’s the way it should be. At HomeShop18, we swear by it. We work, we enjoy and when we celebrate, believe us, we do it in style!! We set examples not only in the virtual shopping industry, but also [...]

Birthday Celebrations at HomeShop18

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We were excited for most part of this week as anyone would be just before their birthday. Yes! We said it; we turned three on 18th January. To celebrate this special occasion the entire HomeShop18 team assembled at Olde Bangalore Resort for a day of fun, games and merry-making. The day began on a sombre [...]

Welcome to an all new HomeShop18

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A warm welcome to all of you and wish you a happy new year! Over the last 3 years, more than 2 million of you have shopped with us and many of you have provided valuable suggestions for our business to enable us to serve you better. I would like to thank each one of [...]