Latest Fashion Jewellery Trends

Fashion jewellery is getting tremendously popular. Apart from being a way cheaper than the fine jewellery, these gorgeous looking options have an array of eye-catching designs for varied occasions. Whether you are planning to attend a family member’s wedding, or just planning a hang out with friends, you can always back yourself with the fashion [...]

Choosing the Right Type of Earrings

A girl can never have enough pair of earrings, can we? Well, all our dresses demand a matching pair, and no, we don’t want to repeat them with other dresses, right? However, as important as it is to keep yourself updated with the latest and trendy earrings, it is even more important to pick the [...]

Artificial Jewellery and the Trends

Thankfully, jewellery trends keep on changing. Or else, it would become so boring and tedious to keep wearing the same jewellery, time and again. No? So, what’s up for this season? As of this year, women are leaning more towards distinct and personal jewellery choices. Pearls and statement jewelry is going to be a hit. [...]

Evolution of Gold in Fashion

Gold is considered as one of the most precious and auspicious metals, and the real wealth of a woman. Although costly, every woman wants to have an amazing collection of gold jewellery. Come to think of it, gold, gold jewellery, in particular, has come a long way since the time it was mostly worn by [...]

If we are to pick one jewelry item for women which symbolizes elegance, beauty, grace, style, and poise – it surely has to be a finger ring! Although minimalist, a ring looks modern and elegant. This is perhaps why every woman must have a range of finger rings in her jewelry box. And the good [...]

Wedding season is here! And the best part of this season is that you get to experiment with new styles and new trends. Come to think of it, what about earrings? Although certain earrings are classy pieces and stay evergreen, there are others which keep on changing with the trends. Here in this article, we [...]

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And this is probably why they can never have enough of it. If you also like to adorn yourself with eye-catching jewelry, this article is for you. In this article, we will be having a closer look at 5 must-have jewelry pieces that every woman must have. Let’s see [...]

Traditional Indian jewellery is timeless. No matter what, but the jewellery box of our grandmother still looks ravishing! The minute and intricate details, fine designing, and woven style – everything is just perfect about traditional jewellery. If you are also on the lookout for best traditional Indian jewelry but are getting swooned with the options, [...]

A particular type of earrings could be in style, but how would you know if they would really suit your face? There is nothing worse than choosing an ‘in style’ pair of earrings which really doesn’t suit you. As a matter of fact, choose a pair of earrings that compliment the shape of your face [...]

Do you find it hard to recognize pure gold earrings and silver Indian jewelry? Well, you are not alone! With a range of pretty earrings available in the market today, it is tough to distinguish between the real and the fake. However, the good news is that you can make use of certain tricks and [...]